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Grundfos flowmakers lower energy costs

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: China has the largest population the world. With large populations come large cities and the attendant need for efficient wastewater treatment in residential areas, such as the city of Guangzhou with its 6.6 million inhabitants. The city is situated in the southern part of China, at the mouth of Pearl River. With a history going back 2,200 years, it is regarded as the oldest among the international trade port cities in the world. It was originally called Chuting by the Chu people, who built the city on the middle reaches of the mighty Yangtse River – the historical starting point of the famous Silk Road which links China with the Arab and European countries.

The Situation
Because the Guangzhou wastewater plant is located near a residential area, it was crucial that a reliable and safe solution was implemented. The oxidation and deodorisation processes were both main concerns, and based on similar past successful projects in China, Grundfos was chosen to supply the flowmakers for the system. Grundfos’ ability to deliver vertical flowmakers with benefits such as energy-efficient operation, low installation costs and easy maintenance played a major part in the selection process.

The Grundfos Solution
Working in accordance with the customer’s own idea and design of the tanks, Grundfos delivered a total of 54 units of unique vertical flowmakers, which compares favourably to similar products from other manufacturers by being more energy-efficient and easier to install.

The nominal power of the Grundfos vertical flowmaker is 2.2 kW, which is a very small energy consumption for an effective mixing of the total volume of the tanks. The low energy consumption was just what the wastewater plant was looking for, and with the assistance of Grundfos’ skilled technicians, installation was completed without any hitches and on schedule.

The Outcome
As promised, both installation and operation have been easy processes. The customer has been very satisfied with the products and service provided, which constitutes an ideal solution in terms of both efficiency and economy.