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Grundfos meets hygienic standards at pharma company Lundbeck

H. Lundbeck A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark, is a market-leading pharmaceutical company focusing entirely on finding new and effective therapies for central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

When 1000 employees work together to meet the growing need for effective, high-quality pharmaceuticals, generating an annual production of approximately 1500 products in 50 million packages, high focus is on hygiene in laboratories and production plants. This is where the Grundfos multistage sanitary pump, Contra, enters the pharmaceutical scene.

The Situation
Every day research scientists at Lundbeck use hundreds of test tubes, pipettes and other laboratory equipment, which need to be sterilised over and over again. Likewise, there is a continuous demand for ample quantities of ultrapure water in the various stages of the production processes - be it in the pilot plant or in the full-scale production of commercial medicine.

Moreover, an ongoing objective at Lundbeck is to implement space-saving installations. Sanitary pumps allowing vertical installation are therefore essential when replacing or expanding pumping systems.

The Grundfos Solution
Grundfos multistage sanitary pumps have contributed to efficient water purification at Lundbeck for a number of years. Since then several Grundfos Contra pumps have joined the sanitary pumping forces, and Lundbeck has recently ordered yet another Contra pump as part of a new CIP/SIP-system.

The Contra pump is constructed in stainless steel materials and equipped with sterile encapsulated seals designed to meet the criteria of hygienic design with metal-to-metal contact seal areas, and no pump casing dead-ends. Vertical erection on a space-saving stainless steel stand makes the pump fully drainable through the suction port.

The pump meets and exceeds the stringent hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its certified performance, Qualified Hygienic Design (QHD) criteria with EHEDG certification and CIP/SIP-capability. Supplied with a Grundfos motor for maximum performance, the pump systems were adapted to and vertically erected in the existing sanitary pumping installation.

The Outcome
The Contra pumps excel in hygienic design, high reliability and flexible installation. They work in perfect unison in the purification processes at Lundbeck, providing trouble-free operation and non-stop production of ultrapure water.

“We were very pleased to learn about Grundfos’ acquisition of Hilge sanitary pumps, as Grundfos has a good reputation with regard to service and high-quality products. Moreover, Grundfos has been a trusted supplier of Lundbeck for many years, and at present, we have more than 300 Grundfos pumps running smoothly in our laboratories and production plants.

”Per Heine Hansen, Project Engineer, Utilities