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Grundfos pumps ensure customer comfort within the hospitality industry

HINTERSEE, AUSTRIA: Grundfos offers complete solutions for hotels and B&Bs, ranging from large-scale systems for multi-storey complexes with hundreds of rooms to smaller applications catering for 10 or 20 guests. Examples can be found all over the world, from metropolitan hotspots to picturesque rural retreats. And it doesn’t get any more idyllic than the Gasthof Hintersee in the scenic mountain village of Hintersee, located near Salzburg in Austria. Home to only 400 yearround inhabitants, Hintersee is the smallest community within the Alpine foothills. The beauty of the area attracts a great many holidaymakers, a fact which calls for efficient wastewater handling to protect the remarkable countryside.

The Situation
The Gasthof Hintersee receives many tourists throughout the year, attracted by the lovely scenery and excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation. When the hotel decided to expand and modernise its facilities, a Grundfos solution was chosen to handle all wastewater disposal. This choice was motivated by the reliability of the Grundfos product range and its excellent opportunities for protecting the environment.

The Grundfos Solution
The Grundfos engineers analysed the situation to come up with the perfect solution for this picturesque spot. The system comprised a concrete pit, all the necessary piping, a Grundfos LCD control unit with float switches to automatically start and stop the system as required, and two 2.9 kW sewage pumps. The fact that every piece of the final system was manufactured and supplied by Grundfos means that all elements work together perfectly. This increases the reliability of the whole system.

The pumps used in this system featurethe patented Grundfos Super- Vortex impeller. In these pumps, all flow takes place outside of the impeller. This prevents clogging and jamming and ensures that hotel guests will not experience any interruptions in service. And of course maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

The innovative SuperVortex impeller is unique to Grundfos. It is even more efficient than traditional free-flow impellers because its “wings” reduce vibrations of the medium. Overall, the Grundfos SuperVortex pump is the perfect choice for small-scale pumping stations.

The Outcome
The system has operated reliably ever since it was installed. The hotel guests enjoy the comfort provided by efficient plumbing, and the efficient wastewater system protects the environment at this scenic Alpine location.