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Grundfos pumps protect the Vistula River in Warsaw

WARSAW, POLAND: Poland’s capital is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The city has been turned into one big construction and renovation site. Each year sees the opening of new office and commercial buildings, hypermarkets and shopping centres.

However, for many years the city’s pumping stations have been neglected, causing as catastrophic discharge of untreated sewage straight into the Vistula River. Although the river represents a spiritual
monument of Poland and is known by many as the “Queen”, the Vistula and Oder River are the main deliverers of pollutants to the Baltic Sea (90%).

The Situation
The Municipal Water and Sewerage Company in Warsaw Incorporated (MPWiK) serves a total of 1,500,000 inhabitants.
Three large treatment plants handle about 450,000 m3 wastewater a day from the three main pumping stations.

However, the worn down Nowodwory pumping station was
discharging large amounts of untreated wastewater from several districts straight into the Vistula River and required urgent modernisation. To put an end to the critical pollution of the river and ensure maximum reliability, MPWiK contacted Grundfos for a sustainable solution.

The Grundfos Solution
In close co-operation with a consulting engineer it was decided that a completely new construction of the Nowodwory pumping station would be the most reliable and environmentally responsible choice.

Beforehand, the Grundfos team had monitored and recorded
the pump performance in the Nowodwory pumping station to
establish the actual requirements. Based on the conclusion of the tests, the appropriate control system was selected and delivered. Grundfos participated in the assembly and upstart, and generally supervised the installation process. Attention to detail has been evident throughout: in addition to the innovative pumps and the control panel, Grundfos also supplied customised base plates to facilitate three-pump installation.

The Outcome
The Grundfos solution met MPWiK’s every expectation, not least with regards to acting responsibly. To ensure maximum safety, the Grundfos pump system has a capacity which exceeds day-today requirements; usually only one or two pumps are in operation at any given time. All in all, the city of Warsaw now benefits from an innovative pump solution that safely transports wastewater for environmentally friendly treatment. Just as thinking ahead enables Grundfos to act responsibly and develop innovative solutions, it has enabled MPWiK to minimise the pollution of the Vistula River, and at the same time reduced energy waste to a minimum.