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Grundfos solved our water supply issues in Penghu

Penghu is located in the Taiwan Strait between China and Taiwan in Asia. It is the only island county of Taiwan. When the time of low tide comes, more than one hundred isles appear. 91,785 people live in this remote, windy area with scarce water resources. Penghu county consists of 1 city and 5 townships: Magong city and the townships Husi, Baisha, Siyu, Wang-an and Cimei comprising 97 villages. The total measure of the land area of penghu is 128 km2 of which Magong city area is 34 km2. Taiwan Water Corporation is responsible for the water supply in the Penghu region and they decided a plan to ensure the future water supply for the inhabitants.

The Situation
Several factors contribute to the need for new water sources to meet the increasing demand. There are general shortage of rain, high evaporation rate, unreliable water storage in reservoirs, increasing salinity of groundwater, and the blooming tourism industry in the recent years. Therefore, Taiwan Water Cooperation decided a plan for development of new water sources in Penghu. The Objects were among others:
1. To build Siyu (Western Island) sea water desalination plant. Expected to complete construction by the end of 2006 and will increase water supply volume by 750 tonnes by then.
2. To reduce the cost of water supply, consumptions for the sea and fresh water will be measured and handled separately
3. In addition to the current project a coming project providing a permeate of 4000 m3/day is planned.

The Grundfos Solution
The selected pumps for the desalination plant were Paco CL pumps and BMEX energy recycling systems. 91 pumps in total with a permeate capacity of 12,900 m3 per day. To enhance the operating efficiency and reduce energy consumption, Grundfos discussed alternative energy saving methods with the project designer, Eco technology & consultants Co.,Ltd. The designer evaluated the suppliers and application requirements. The key elements for their evaluation were pump brand, quality and service.

The Outcome
Since May 2008 Taiwan Water Coporation has started the pump system and appreciates the new Grundfos solution compared to the past system; it’s very compact, low noise, trouble-free operation and water to the inhabitants is ensured. They are also impressed that the Grundfos service team has provided quick and high quality support so that they can enjoy the water supply smoothly and satisfactorily.