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High-efficiency cooling with Grundfos

Arla Foods is Northern Europe’s largest manufacturer of milk, cheese, yogurt, cream and other dairy products. The Arla dairy in Bislev, Denmark produces feta cheese.

The Situation
Many dairies use sanitary pumps in non-sanitary installations. Arla Bislev had 4 units of 7.5 kW pumps installed for cooling purposes within the process. In addition to the poor efficiency, the pumps had no cascade control and were always running at full speed.

The Grundfos Solution
Grundfos replaced the sanitary pumps by a Hydro 2000 booster set.

The system was designed with three CRE 64-2 centrifugal pumps, of which two pumps can handle the full load and the third pump is a back-up. The CRE pumps are powered by a highly efficient Grundfos motor with an integrated frequency converter. The parallel-coupled pumps have advanced cascade control with automatic cut-in and cut-out. This ensures that the pump speed responds automatically and immediately to maintain constant pressure in the system at all times. Another advantage of installing the Grundfos booster set is the reduced downtime in production in connection with replacement of the old system.

The Outcome
The new system has been dimensioned 50% larger than the old one. But, the large energy-savings mean that the payback time is as short as three years. The booster is compact and all service parts are quick and easy to access and maintain.