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Making things happen in Dubai

Just a century ago Dubai was little more than a desert-strewn landscape where Bedouin tribes roamed the sands.

Today, sweeping skyscrapers and gleaming office blocks rising up on the banks of the Creek bear witness to an international city with a modern infrastructure of excellent roads, water and power.

Due to the strategic location with easy access to the 1.5 billion consumers in the countries surrounding the Gulf and Red Sea and virtually no corporate taxation, Dubai has become the trading capital of the Middle East. In The Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone in Dubai, which currently houses more than 2,300 international companies, you can no longer wait for the camels to bring in the supplies. Things move fast and if you wish to compete, you have to be prepared to make things happen. Recently, Waterworks Technologies Inc. put Grundfos to the test.

The Situation
The Canadian company “Waterworks Technologies Inc.” specialises in the design and supply of turnkey and packaged water, industrial wastewater and sewage treatment plants. According to Managing Director, Len Sukovieff, the company’s key demands for suppliers are reliable products, fast response times for quotes and accurate technical support to reduce down-time.

With that in mind, Len Sukovieff turned to Grundfos Gulf Distribution, when his newly opened branch in Dubai urgently required 800 high quality pumps for reverse osmosis and water purification – more than 100 of these had to be delivered within a week. In addition to the the short delivery deadline, he also requested facilities for assembling the containerised systems.

The Grundfos Solution
Obviously, the challenge was quickly to get more than 800 CRN, AP and DME pumps to Dubai and over 100 of these in less than a week. However, the Grundfos office in Dubai is geared to handle urgent business and everyone is prepared to make an extra effort to make things happen. So, the first 100 pumps were acquired and flown in by express airfreight less than a week later.

Furthermore, Grundfos in Dubai demonstrated that Grundfos is much more than just a pump manufacturer. They took advantage of their local network in Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone and searched among their contacts for a vacant space, where Waterworks Technologies would be able to assemble the systems.

The Outcome
Less than seven days after placing the order, Waterworks Technologies received the first delivery. Not only had Grundfos in Dubai met the strict delivery deadline, they were also able to provide a suitable facility, where the assembly of the containerized systems could be initiated immediately.

Managing Director, Len Sukovieff is very happy with his cooperation with Grundfos. Because Grundfos in Dubai was able to act fast and secure delivery of high quality products on time, Waterworks Technologies was able to fulfill their obligations towards their customers.

“It demonstrates how quick reaction and a strong customeroriented policy secures a good and loyal future customer”, says Len Sukovieff.