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Milko – a modern dairy enterprise with modern-day requirements

Based in northern Sweden, The Milko dairy company develops and markets natural dairy products that satisfy the needs of Swedish consumers for gastronomic experiences. The people at the Milko Company know their dairy products. Not only is Milko the largest dairy co-operative wholly owned by Swedish farmers; it is also the fifth-largest food industry in Sweden. But even through they are large, they are not afraid to explore new ways of doing things.

Committed to ideals of natural food, openness, and innovation, the Milko team was naturally drawn to the groundbreaking Grundfos DME dosing pump range.

The Situation
At a dairy, superior hygiene is essential to maintain top quality products and efficient operation. At Milko, the CIP (Clean In Place) system to clean the vats used to float cheeses in a saline solution requires daily cleaning to ensure proper hygiene. However, the CIP system at the time was fully manual, which meant that all additives were put in by the employees in connection with cleaning.

To ensure efficient and reliable dosing of additives to the CIP system, the Milko team decided to change the system from a fully manual to a semi-automatic system. And from experience with other Grundfos dosing pumps in other applications within the dairy, the Milko team had their hearts set on a Grundfos dosing solution.

The Grundfos Solution
Having examined the requirements for the semi-automatic CIP solution at Milko, Grundfos supplied a DME dosing solution to dose acid and lye in exactly the right amounts.

Thanks to the user-friendly control panel and the multi-lingual five-button interface of the Grundfos DME dosing pump, the Milko team simply specify the dose required and the pump will take care of the rest. Accordingly, the team has full control over the speed, acceleration and position of the diaphragm allowing the additive to be applied evenly and precisely.

With their new Grundfos DME solution, trial and error is taken out of programming in connection with CIP at Milko.

The Outcome
”The new Grundfos DME pumps in the CIP system have worked every bit as well as the other DMEs in the plant”, says Lars Rudh, operations engineer at Milko. “We already had DME dosing pumps elsewhere in our plant – and were very pleased with them, so naturally we wanted to use them in our CIP system as well”, finishes Lars Rudh.

When asked why Milko is so pleased with the DME pumps, Lars Rudh explains: “Well, quite simply, they work very well! And they’re very easy to use – you know straight away what to do to achieve the best results. In fact, we’re planning to put in more DME pumps in other parts of our system”, finishes Lars.