Cas d’application

New centrifugal pumps for demanding industrial applications

Trevira Neckelmann is a leading textile dye works situated in Silkeborg, Denmark. 750 persons are employed in the 46,500 m² area of buildings in Silkeborg. More than 98% of the production is exported, mainly to the European automotive industry.
Trevira Neckelmann produces yarns by using the most up-to-date technology in texturising as well as dyeing.
The company is part of the Trevira group with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Moreover, Trevira produces polyester yarns in Germany, Belgium, and Portugal and is one of the biggest producers in Europe. The group employs 2400 people and has an annual turnover of 3 billion DKK.

The Situation
The process makes high demands on the pumps. The dye contains acids and is used at a temperature of some 140°C and a pressure of 4.5 bars.

Before a new production run can be started up, a colour test is made in the laboratory. The dying machines previously used for the test have been mounted with stainless steel-free pumps with single mechanical shaft seals which have caused trouble.

An ordinary pump is typically not suitable for liquids at 140°C. And the acid dyes destroy the shaft seal’s sliding surfaces.

The Grundfos Solution
Hence the choice of a CRN pump with a MAGdrive. The pump is made of acid-proof stainless steel and has a magnetic drive. This drive type handles high temperatures without problems and makes the shaft seal redundant.

The Outcome
The inline design of the CRN pump and the high overall reliability meet Trevira Neckelmann's requirement for few service intervals.

The pump is hermetically sealed. Therefore, the dye is very unlikely to leak and the process is much safer for the employees - and environmentally responsible. The fact that the pump features a magnetic drive rather than a traditional shaft seal provides the very hard-wearing and compact solution that was demanded.

The CRN MAGdrive pumps are unmatched for use in industrial processes that involve aggressive, volatile or environmentally hazardous liquids.