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No more wear and tear with Grundfos' pumps in El-Gouna resort

El-Gouna is a self-contained resort developed by Orascom Hotels & Development on a 10 km stretch of Red Sea coastline. It’s known for its superb infrastructure, award winning architecture and excellent services, offering its 10,000 residents an unrivaled lifestyle. People from all over the world; entrepreneurs, artists, environmentalists, sports enthusiasts, flow into El-Gouna to enjoy a hassle-free vacation or to live a luxurious life.

All of these features along with the stunning natural beauty of the resort combine to make El Gouna the Red Sea’s premier leisure destination. Craving supremacy and efficiency in every single detail, Orascom Hotels & Development has commissioned Grundfos the preferred supplier of the company not only to provide waste water system but also to solve their sanitary waste problems with Grundfos’s quality proven submersible pumps.

The Situation

 As a resort, El-Gouna’s town resides on the Red Sea coast spreading across islands and lagoons, made wastewater pumps subject to wear and tear caused by salted water and sand which led to dramatic pumps cavitation.

Maintenance problems have been experienced for a long while till they tried Grundfos’ super vortex submersible pumps in their sub lift stations.

Pumps have not only proven efficiency but also wear and tear reduction in pumps’ casing into minimum, which in turn drove Orascom Hotels & Development to use Grundfos’ pumps in the main lift station as well, in order to guarantee a long-life and trouble free wastewater system.

The Grundfos Solution

Grundfos provided El-Gouna with a complete package of pumps and valves, each pump is 50 KW- in addition to the gate and check valves.

Pumps were installed in dry pit, equipped with a cooling jacket system to guarantee continues cooling for the motor housing an external liquid to flow around the motor house.
This dry installation upgrades the working environment for servicing the pumps and performing maintenance operations.

State-of-the-art technology makes Grundfos pumps extremely efficient and highly dependable regardless of the application. These pumps are built to last even under the toughest working conditions, which suits El-Gouna’s environment perfectly.
Once installed those robust pumps provide years of trouble-free operation with very little service required.
Moreover, Grundfos wastewater pumps are easy to install and easy to dismantle for service or inspection.

Also, these advanced series of pumps allows for reducing the risk of clogging and ensures maximum up-time and low operating costs.

The Outcome

Today, El Gouna resort is enjoying Grundfos’ trouble-free long-life wastewater system, with maintenance reduction, resistance of wear and tear caused by salted water and sand, now the award winning resort is replacing all existing submersible pumps with Grundfos’s and now more than 40 pumps are installed there with more to come.

“Grundfos provided us with reliable and efficient pumps that are compatible with our system, and fit perfectly to our environment. They knew exactly what we needed, and made it into real life.” saying El-Gouna resort manager.