Cas d’application


The Situation
PAW has been a customer of Grundfos for years, as a so called kit assembler, where PAW is one of the largest in the world. The company has years of experience, e.g. in the production of solar thermal systems. Thanks to consistent design improvement and development PAW can offer a highly specialized selection of valves meeting all requirements in terms of pressure, temperature and media.

Since May 2005, PAW has also been a customer for the Grundfos Direct Sensors™.

PAW was actively looking for a reliable and cost effective way to measure flow.
The purpose was to develop a pre-assembled and fully insulated freshwater module, called “FriWa” with a maximum DHW-comfort.

The Grundfos Solution
The customer made initial tests on the flowsensor VFS 2-40 in composite material.
The results were very satisfying as the sensor has a combined measurement of flow and temperature, which are actually the most important parameters for high DHW-comfort.
Furthermore PAW was convinced that the vortex principle without any moving parts would bring a big advantage compared to other sensor principles – especially as the sensor is placed in a DHW system, where lime scaling (clogging) is always an issue.

Later on a further Grundfos development based on the VFS 2-40 was launched. Instead of a using a composite pipe the sensor could be integrated into a metal body, which was again a breakthrough for PAW as they could – following their core-competence - design there own armature to fully integrate Grundfos sensor solutions in the most cost-efficient way. At that time also the response times on the flow and temperature signals have been improved so that the new product was the “best in class” sensor for freshwater modules.

The new freshwater module was launched at Mostra Convegno in March 2006. That was actually the time when the success story began…

The Outcome
As PAW is known as a very innovative company, they’ve been able to establish a new market standard for freshwater modules. Today PAW is probably the no. 1 manufacturer in the further growing market for freshwater modules.

Meanwhile more than 10.000 systems with Grundfos Direct Sensors ™ have been sold. The sensors stand out due to high comfort and high reliability in the field.

As a further PAW development several “Friwa” can be put together to a cascade system.

To switch the particular FriWas on and off a Master-Sensor, Typ Grundfos VFS 10-200 is used. All in all – Grundfos Direct Sensors ™ are making an important contribution to the whole freshwater system.

Meanwhile PAW is using Grundfos Direct Sensors ™ also for other purposes, e.g.
Heatmetering in Solar thermal systems.