Cas d’application

Perfect processing with Grundfos

Trevira Neckelmann, a leading textile dye works based in Scandinavia, demands more from their pumps than most manufacturers can handle. When the company finally tired of poor performance from its old standard pumps, Grundfos was ready to supply a superior system.

Large demand for process water
As part of its environmentally friendly and highly sophisticated operation processes, Trevira Neckelmann uses large quantities of process water: up to 900 m³/h at approximately 25 mWs. To complicate matters further, consumption of process water varies enormously: from 100 m³/h to the absolute maximum within very short periods of time.

The Grundfos Solution
Wishing to reduce production times, Trevira Neckelmann wanted to replace their old pump solution. The existing system comprised three standard pumps, and their performance was no longer adequate to the company’s needs. Ensuring optimum supply of process water to production facilities was a main concern, and consequently the client chose a complete booster set from Grundfos, comprising six CR 90-2 pumps. The solution came equipped with the special Hydro Control 2000 system, which controls activation of the pumps. This feature, combined with the six-pump configuration, makes for a highly flexible solution with minimal risk of pressure surges

Flexible installation, too.

Having decided to benefit from the superior performance of a Grundfos solution, the logistics of the changeover also  needed consideration. As production at Trevira Neckelmann is continuous, replacement had to be carried out during the summer holidays, the only time when production could be suspended. As ease of installation is a major concern for Grundfos, the client was able to complete replacement and
restructuring in 2 weeks.

The outcome
The Grundfos booster solution has now provided unmatched flexibility for more than two years, and the client remains highly satisfied with the marked increase in performance.