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Pumps and systems for the Königsbau arcade in Stuttgart

Schlossplatz, Königsbau: For the locals, this forms the traditional centre of their city. Following the opening of the Königsbau arcade, the shopping centre has an additional highlight and attracts even more visitors. There is ideal provision for shopping; in addition to the range of classic retail stores, there is a selection of fine design, furnishing and lifestyle products in 'stilwerk’, the themed centre. "We want to be a living centre and meeting point in Stuttgart“, says Centre Manager Nikolas Simmich. In addition to well-known clothing brands such as Mexx and Esprit, the extensive shops of Saturn and stilwerk also attract vast numbers of visitors.

The Situation
Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau AG was responsible as the general contractor for the superstructure. Martin Winkelmaier was the project leader of 'TGA' (technical building equipment). From your point of view, what were the unusual technical features of the Königsbau arcade? "The whole building consists, as it were, of technical high points – what is visually striking is surely the facade in the form of a half dome; on the other hand, what is less striking is the complex MSR technology, for example, with its high point of 'consumption charging', with measurements taken using a volumetric flow regulator." Furthermore, one of the central aims was to be able to hand over to the developers not only a functioning building but one that was, in addition, energy-saving.

The Grundfos Solution
Well aware that the pumps used in such a project could make a significant contribution to this (or even be counterproductive if the 'wrong’ units are used), one thing was clear from the outset for Winkelmaier: speed-controlled pumps with the highest possible efficiency were a 'must' - and the supplier of these pumps was soon identified: "In such a project, the quality and economy of the products take priority. Grundfos offers both - first-class quality and the highest efficiency for energy-saving operation.

What was also impressive  was the fact that all of the heating and refrigeration pumps (wet- and dry-running) were equipped with a LON-Bus connection. Even in other pump systems, Grundfos technology was a winner. In the Königsbau arcade, booster installations, sewage pumps and waste water lifting plants are installed in addition to the heating and refrigeration pumps already mentioned.

The Outcome
But Martin Winkelmaier knows about the significant benefits of a LON-Bus connection: "The transmission of wide-ranging data through the bus communication provides the opportunity to also check each individual pump from an economic point of view and, if necessary, to optimise it to current needs by adjusting the pump speed." In addition, the pumps can also be set and optimised from the central process control technology with regard to their operating mode: "This saves a lot of time in large installations such as the Königsbau arcade,“ continues Winkelmaier.

The new MDV series lifting plants in particular impressed those responsible by the ability to optionally equip or appropriately retrofit the plants with one, two or even three 400 litre containers. According to Martin Winkelmaier: "In a large project of this type, the quasi-modular structure offers us great flexibility. This is important, as additional tenants, whose needs we have to address, arrive frequently during the construction phase. In practice, data such as the waste water connection values continually changes through this. So the more flexible the waste water lifting plant can be, the more easily we can address technical changes and meet the envisaged completion date, in spite of changes in data."

For the TGA project leader Martin Winkelmaier, the greatest challenge was finishing the complex building project on time to the satisfaction of the client and the tenants. In selecting suppliers, the following criteria were therefore a priority: the quality and economy of the product, the skills of the contact and an extensive service network. He realised that all the points were best met by Grundfos.