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Reaching new heights in Malaysia

Cascades of water shoot stunningly skyward at the Taman Tema Air Darulaman park in the northwestern state of Kedah. Commissioned by the local government, and powered by Grundfos, the 97-meter high fountain makes an elegant and attractive centrepiece in this public park.

The relaxing expanses of grass, fully stocked lakes and gentle footpaths make the Taman Tema Air Darulaman park a popular place for recreation and relaxation.

The Situation
The local government in the Northwestern Malaysian state of Kedah wished to do something special for its residents. Located 450 km from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, they decided to create a place for cultured stimulation. The government quickly agreed on an abundance of grassy areas, vegetation, ponds and benches you normally find in a park. They wished for something else, however. As a result, the park planning committee decided to solicit bids for the creation of an impressive fountain to serve as the park’s centrepiece. This unique and relaxing attraction was wished to even serve as a draw to attract visitors.

The Grundfos Solution
The highest fountain in Asia has been created through the reliable performance of five Grundfos SP pumps. Three 92kW SP160-8 pumps power the main water column, with one 45kW SP 215-2 and one 18.5kW SP95-4 producing the impressive side spouts.

At 97 metres, the Taman Tema Air Darulaman fountain is furthermore the third highest fountain in the world.

The Outcome
With a focus on recreation, relaxation and the pleasures of nature, the Taman Tema Air Darulaman park was opened recently. The park covers 136 acres, and offers an abundance of wholesome activities. Visitors from near and far enjoy jogging, walking and fishing for local species including temolah, siakap and the colourful red tilapia. Grundfos is proud to be able to contribute to this socially beneficial project.