Cas d’application

Trigas Fl manifold system using VFS

The Situation
In various applications it is necessary to offer a manifold system to distribute water from one large flow into lots of smaller flows. For instance this is a requirement in injection moulding machines or in pressure die casting systems.

A simple monitoring system with only local display has often been used in the past. The weakness of this visual display is that there is no control and no data recording possible.

Trigas Fl have been looking for years for sensors to measure flow and temperature in this application. The aim was to integrate robust, reliable and price competitive sensor solutions without any moving parts.

The Grundfos Solution
The vortex flow sensors VFS 1-12 QT and VFS 2-40 QT were chosen by TrigasFl together with their customers for a new solution to measure and control flow and temperature in manifold systems.

The sensors are integrated in standard stainless steel manifold parts, together with hand valves and other accessories. It is also possible to use automatic valves to control flow and temperature in the manifold system together with an external controller unit.

The sensors are integrated in the return to measure the real system temperature in each return. This installation makes it also useful to measure the flow, because a break of the piping can be detected by the flow sensor.

The Outcome
The use of the vortex flow sensors VFS 1-12 QT and VFS 2-40 QT enables TrigasFl to offer a more progressive solution to their customers. A flexible, extendable and robust manifold system is the result of using standard parts.

With the combination of flow and temperature, in one sensor the development of a space saving system is possible. The Grundfos Direct Sensor(TM) without any moving parts is a robust solution for the application.