Cas d’application

Two-time award winning CR-H offers water treatment facility significant energy savings in test application

The Olathe Water Treatment Station #2 in Olathe, KS, agreed to participate in a field test and with the assistance of Grundfos Distributor, Pump & Power of Lenexa, KS, the Multi-Stage CR-H was installed in April, 2009 in a backwash application for membrane wash.

The Situation
The Multi-Stage CR-H pump (15hp), along with another pump brand (end suction, 20 hp), alternates operation in a system where a flush occurs approximately 10 times per hour and lasts two to five minutes. In this continuous operation, each pump is used equally.

The Grundfos Solution
Pumping System Assessment Tool (PSAT) is used to demonstrate the energy usage information. The data from PSAT showed that the 15 hp CR-H uses 13 kWh and the end suction 20 hp pump uses 17.1 kWh. At 4,380 hours of operation annually, and an average of three minutes of run time per start, the end suction averages an energy consumption of 74.8 MWh and the CR-H averages 57.9 MWh. The CR-H offers 16.9 MWh in energy savings compared to the end suction, which results in an annual energy savings of $1,700.

The Outcome
Olathe Station #2 is also pleased with the CR-H’s integrated cartridge seal technology. Maintenance Supervisor Brian Brennan said, “It’s great not to have to worry about potential leaking associated with the additional plumbing to flush the shaft seal because the CR-H doesn’t require the additional plumbing to flush, so leakage is not an issue.” The CR-H cartridge seal virtually eliminates the parts and problems that are associated with other end suction pump seals. “In addition,” adds Brennan, “this is a maintenance and cost-saving feature that makes everyone happy at our facility.”