Cas d’application

Venceb AS: Special made SP 4 pump

Grundfos special made SP4 pump in Latvia

The Situation

During the design stage it was found that the current drilling does not meet the requirements for the maintenance of the access roads to the water mains sludge reservoirs. It was therefore decided that a new Artesian borehole was necessary. Hydrogeologists carried out a passport analysis of the current Artesian well and found that it was possible to construct a new Artesian borehole beside the current well, the design solution for which would meet the 5 l/s consumption requirement and for which the dynamic waterline would be c. 30 m from ground level.
The Artesian borehole was to be equipped with: an Artesian pump that can provide Q = 5 l/s, H = 73 m, equipment (pipelines, fittings), automatic pump control unit with pressure gauge, frequency transformer, W = 200 l expansion tank (for pump station consumption). According to documentation, the diameter of the borehole is 6” and the produced diameter is 4”.

The Grundfos Solution
Comparing the technical documentation and the Artesian borehole produced, it became clear that a 6” pump would not fit the borehole and a 4” pump would not meet the specifications. Therefore a non-standard solution was required. The solution was provided by Grundfos in the form of a custom-made non-standard SP 4” pump.

The Outcome
Despite the technical irregularities in the project, Grundfos provided a successful solution.