Peerless Merges with Grundfos

In 2008, Peerless purchased its key distribution partner; Flometrico. Flometrico focused on Peerless products within Ontario for over 50 years, building a legacy of Peerless in the province. With the acquisition, the name was changed to Peerless Pump Canada and was the base for Peerless to grow their Canadian business.

Grundfos purchased Peerless in late 2007, with the mandate to understand the Peerless business and over a period of time determine if any synergy’s could be made within the two organizations. The first synergy was immediately having Grundfos and Peerless merge payroll and accounting, while still operating two separate locations and operations. Then in February 2010, Peerless moved into the Grundfos facility to reduce overhead costs and allow the two companies to become even more familiar with each other. Now Grundfos is announcing the steps necessary to actually merge the two companies under the Grundfos banner. During August and September, Peerless accounting, inventory, purchasing and ordering systems will be merged into the Grundfos SAP system. Sales for municipal and industrial accounts in Ontario will be serviced by Frank Caré, formally of Grundfos and working with Peerless the last 18 months, as well as Paul McEachen, sales rep for Grundfos, but formally a sales rep of Flometrico.

The two organizations are excited to reach this step and believe that the merging of the organizations will allow Grundfos and Peerless to service the Ontario market even better. This should allow Grundfos, Peerless and partners to grow and become a stronger player in the market.