Grundfos Rescues Ontario from Energy Shortage with Pump Audit Program

As a result of this, city electrical grids are reaching maximum capacity with no room for expansion in order to support increases in city growth.

Resorting to building more power stations is not a feasible solution. Since old, oversized and inefficient pump systems make up 30% of total wasted energy, replacing them with properly sized and highly efficient ones is a more practical solution.

To save Ontario a much needed 62 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electrical energy within the next five years, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) wants the thousands of old existing pump systems changed. As an incentive for building owners to take steps towards reducing energy consumption, the OPA is offering a program that will pay up to 50% of the project cost if existing equipment is replaced with high efficiency equipment. However, in order for a building to qualify for the incentive program, it requires a pump audit. This is where Grundfos comes in.

In the City of Toronto, Toronto Hydro is specifically recommending a Grundfos pump audit, as Grundfos is currently the only pump manufacturer with a pump specific audit program globally, having developed the technology for in-house trained experts to perform them.

With a Grundfos pump audit, a building’s current booster pump system’s efficiency is analysed and calculated. The audit process then provides the calculated return on investment and carbon emission reduction with the newly recommended system.

Although the incentive program covers all pumps, Business Development Manager and head of the Grundfos pump audit program in Canada, Feras Marish says “Grundfos’ pump audit program is focusing on booster pumps as Phase One because old booster pumps are known to be oversized by three to ten times of a building’s actual need, they are constant speed and have reached their end-of-life condition at 15 years old”. Due to this reasoning some buildings are wasting as much as $15,000 annually on power consumption.

Within the first six months of the program being implemented in Canada, Grundfos qualified over 75 buildings in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) as potential power saving projects. In a six month period Grundfos audited 45 booster pump systems; this amounts to Ontario saving over 2,500,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of power consumption annually and Ontario building owners saving over $300,000 annually in electricity costs.

Phase Two of the program will focus on circulating pumps and is planned to begin soon.

For more information on the Pump Audit Program, please contact Grundfos.