Small changes can make a big difference – Help save energy with Grundfos

At Grundfos we believe in enhancing our profile by offering cutting-edge green solutions. Through continual innovation and challenging goals we develop products that become industry leaders in efficiency and sustainability - saving energy and money.

Help us care for the planet by making small changes to reduce your carbon footprint.

How we’re helping:

Grundfos participates in the Innovation Intent, a worldwide program dedicated to promoting a more sustainable way of business and life.

In 2012 Grundfos Canada helped to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing the following changes at out Canadian headquarters:

1) New heating and cooling automation system - reduced our natural gas consumption by 43%.
2) New motion sensor light activation - helped to reduce our electricity consumption by 19%.
3) Natural irrigation for property gardens - reduced our municipal water consumption by 40%.

For more information on our sustainability profile, please read our Climate White Paper.