The New Grundfos DDA Dosing Station is Here!

Offering in-situ pump calibration, integral pressure relief and over-pressure protection, the DDA Dosing Station offers all features of a complete chemical feed system in a safe, simple to use package. Applications range from commercial and industrial water treatment, non-engineered dosing applications and OEM systems for chemical addition.

Grundfos Dosing Stations are available in two models:

G1 Series PVC/V
- Includes DDA 7.5-16 FC PVC/V pump
- Features a pump turndown of 3000:1
as low as 2.5 ml/hr with 4-20 analog control or pulse input

G2 Series PP/E
- Includes DDA 7.5-16 FC PP/E pump


Both systems include a pump, control cables, installation kit and dual alarm relay.

System Benefits
- Compact system ideal for small spaces
- Simple system calibration
- Reduces standard chemical feed footprint by over 50pct
- Provides easy access to pump components for quick installation and maintenance
- Safe to handle and simple to operate
- Allows user to depressurize system prior to maintenance
- Customized calibration column for easy set Red Zone calibration.

System Features
-Integral pressure monitor on pump
-Integral pressure relief
-Over-pressure protection
-System pressure release for maintenance
-Pump one-dial setting displayed in liters-per-hour
-In-situ pump calibration
-Manual, analog and pulse control settings
-Alarm display and log
-Single return line to tank

DDA Dosing Stations are suitable for operation with the following liquids:

-Sodium Hypochlorite
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- Biocides
- Nitric Acid
- Planting Solutions
- Caustic
- Ferric
- Alum
- Polymer
- Glycol
- Sodium Metabisulfite
- Corrosion Inhibitor

Other liquids may be compatible, please contact your Grundfos Distributor for details.

For more information or to purchase a DDA Dosing Station, please contact your Grundfos Distributor.