Cas d’application

Emmi: The preferred supplier

The Situation
In order to maintain its role as innovation leader and manufacturer of high-quality products, Emmi dairy plant wants only state-of-the-art process technology within the dairy plant. Over the years, Emmi has learned that settling for second best is not an option if their production has to run smooth and efficiently.

Accordingly, reliability and efficiency are vital to the success of the dairy company. Therefore, avoiding unnecessary energy waste, excessive maintenance cost, and costly downtime are essential factors, when choosing their pump solution – which is why Emmi always contacts Grundfos.

The Grundfos Solution
For some years, Grundfos has been the Emmi group’s preferred sanitary pump supplier. Because hygiene and consumer health are vital to Emmi, all sanitary pumps in direct contact with the product are Grundfos pumps – not just because they are easy to clean, but also because the technical department at Emmi knows that Grundfos sanitary pumps guarantee years of trouble free operation.

Emmi’s Dagmersellen site in Lucerne, Switzerland has approximately 250 pumps installed. These are employed in various aspects of the site’s production including heating, water-cooling and sanitary processes. And because these pumps are expected to perform reliably and efficiently day in and day out, approximately 95 per cent of them are standard Grundfos industry pumps or Grundfos sanitary pumps designed by Hilge.

The Outcome
Technical department head at Emmi in Dagmersellen’s, Gunter Zimmerman, is very happy with the Grundfos pump solution. According to him it is no coincidence that Grundfos pumps are installed in all the key sanitary applications, where production equipment comes in direct contact with the product.

He feels the major benefit afforded by Grundfos pumps is their “outstanding quality” and extreme robustness. In fact, he says that while pumps of up to 25 years of age are not unusual at the site, there have been no significant breakdowns.