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Introducing SafeWater


A strategic business unit within Grundfos, SafeWater strives to transform underserved communities through commercially viable smart water solutions. 

Solar irrigation in Ethiopia


With Grundfos solar irrigation solutions, communities alongside river Awash can reap the full potential of the river and have additional harvesting seasons.

Clean water for fishing communities in Uganda


Since the installation of the Grundfos AQTap, fishing communities in Uganda no longer have to drink the often contaminated water they collect from Lake Victoria. 

Running water for rural health center


With the help of Grundfos solutions, the Namilangi health center in rural Zambia gets running water in all departments and rooms.

Litumbu village gets access to drinking water


The only water source for the residents of Litumbu village used to dry up during the dry season and women had to walk more than 7 km to fetch water. Now they have access to clean water within distance.

Lasting impact in Kenya


Since 2011 the community of Ngalange Village in Kenya has benefited from having water access through their Grundfos AQTap. The women and children no longer spend hours every day to fetch water, even in the dry months. 

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