Digital Solutions

Today, billions of data points are harvested to get a better understanding of our world. But we may be spending too much time and energy collecting data and not enough on transforming them into valuable insights. Only 1% of data created today is effectively used. But what if your water utility could leverage data from different sources and put them to use for better prediction, prioritising, and planning?

Transforming water, together

Digital technologies have created infinite opportunities to work smarter, optimise processes, and save time and energy. Today, because of pressing climate and resource challenges, water and wastewater management companies are at a transition point. They need to find new solutions, as yesterday’s approach is no longer working to solve the challenges we face today and tomorrow.

At Grundfos, our vision is to work together with utilities around the world to drive a water revolution, using unmatched data insights, expertise, and autonomous end-to-end solutions. We want to become the most trusted water management partner, and enable our customers, partner organisations, and the global community to transform into a sustainable future.

We help you transform with more sustainable, smart, and optimised water management solutions – without ever compromising on system reliability and uptime. With more than 20 years of data-driven development under our belts, we understand connectivity, data, and AI, and know how to deploy them in ways that deliver significant benefits to water utilities. 

One platform to realise your digital potential

Find out how Grundfos Utility Analytics can help your water utility monitor real-time performance, improve operational efficiency, diagnose the state of the network, predict potential failures and much more.

Explore our digital solutions

The global water sector is embracing a digital transformation, adopting a range of technologies for remote sensing, asset management, and predictive analytics. Explore our digital solutions to minimise your water and wastewater challenges.

Grundfos Utility Connect

Remotely monitor and control pumping stations at anytime and anywhere.


Grundfos Machine Health

Continuously monitor equipment using sensors to notify about maintenance and get intelligence on historical data to predict the best way forward.

Demand Driven Distribution

Minimise water loss and energy consumption with our pressure management system for water networks.

Grundfos Utility Analytics

Get insights to improve water and wastewater network performance including water loss reduction and asset management optimisation.

8 ways to optimise operations and planning

Read this guide to learn how you can use data analytics to optimise daily operations as well as long-term planning in your water or wastewater network.

Creating the digital water utility

Nearly one billion people live without access to safe drinking water. Explore the digital opportunities water utilities are investigating to help solve today’s and tomorrow’s water challenges.

Texan water utility predicts pipe failure 

Using our Pipeline Failure Prediction app, the utility could prioritise the pipes that needed to be replaced, preventing significant pipe failures, and helping establish a long-term pipe replacement plan.

Ras Al Khaimah saves 20% energy and 12% OPEX

Real-time monitoring, dedicated controls and variable speed pumps significantly reduced energy consumption and manpower, while enabling predictive maintenance to reign in maintenance and repair cost.

Norwegian municipality takes control

An end-to-end wastewater management solution allows pump operators to monitor and manage pump systems securely and reliably over an internet connection – offering tremendous time savings and peace of mind.

The Rottal Water Supply Association saves 30% energy

The German drinking water supplier deployed Demand Driven Distribution including booster sets, controller, sensors and more. The result: 30% energy savings, fewer pipe bursts, less supply failures and significant reduction in water loss.