Better system design for wastewater transport networks

Better system design

Reduce design complexity in your wastewater networks

Dependable, energy-efficient solutions for your pumping stations and wastewater networks are essential for wastewater collection and transport. In an environment with continuous wastewater inflow, downtime needs to be avoided at all costs. Your pumps need to work, and risk minimisation needs to be built into the system. Getting things right at the design stage is important for avoiding issues such as blockages, odours, power outages and flooding, as well as minimising maintenance.

Achieve better system design with Grundfos:

Grundfos takes the greatest risk factors out of the equation when designing or refurbishing a wastewater transport network, ensuring cost-effective and reliable operation. Our vast experience in designing and optimising wastewater transport systems ensures full transparency throughout the entire design process. By utilising our system design consultancy and tools, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flow simulations and Simulation of Pressurised Systems (SIMPS) software modelling, we can quickly predict and prevent operational challenges together and optimise your design.


Benefits of Grundfos expertise, design tools and services:

  •       Reduced complexity at the design stage
  •       Limited downtime by ensuring optimal operation
  •       Optimised project execution on time and within budget
  •       Commissioning and service agreements for optimised operations from the start
  •       Complete project assistance

Read on to explore the Grundfos design tools, materials and videos to help you achieve a reliable and optimised wastewater transport network.

Wastewater engineering manual

Essential wastewater guidance for technical decision makers

Get guidance for pump selection and installation in drainage, effluent and sewage applications. This specific manual focuses on smaller wastewater transport systems using pumps with motors from 0.15 kW to 30 kW. Explore pumps and pump pits, sizing and selection, pump performance data, pump system layout, life-cycle costs and much more, including practical examples.

Process driven engineering with Grundfos

Process driven engineering

Working with Grundfos means benefitting from our comprehensive engineering and project management expertise in every delivery. From our leading know-how to integrated solutions,   see what it means to partner with us in the Grundfos Water Utility competency brochure

Tackle hydraulic issues in advance with CFD

Watch our application manager, Ehsan Sarmadi, discuss the advantages of applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flow simulations, which can be used in optimising pumping station design. With CFD model analysis, Grundfos can help predict and avoid hydraulic issues in the system before the actual investment. 

Quick sizing and specification of your pumping station

Our pre-fabricated pumping stations can reduce installation costs and complexity, and are designed to reduce the need for service.

If you know the requirements for your pumping solution, you can use our online Pumping Station Creator to configure a complete pumping pit in less than 15 minutes. The result is a fully documented, CE-marked solution, with all the components designed for perfect compatibility. Just follow the five simple steps to size and specify your prefabricated solution.

Quick sizing

670 homes. One trouble-free wastewater network

When Sweden’s largest homeowner association, Kållands VA, needed to connect 670 rural homes to a municipal wastewater treatment plant, it looked to Grundfos to overcome this large and highly complex network design challenge.

Using its advanced CFD and SIMPS tools, Grundfos set about designing, dimensioning and modelling a complete wastewater network that efficiently met local needs for sewage removal while meeting new government regulation. Grundfos supplied far more than wastewater pumps with a solution that included consultancy and installation, commissioning and yearly maintenance, and prefabricated pumping stations and communication units.

Find out how Grundfos designed and supplied a large pressurised wastewater network that not only saved time and installation costs, but also secured trouble-free operation.