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Smart Cities & Their Water Challenges

Water is the most precious resource on earth because all life depends on it. But modern urban life and an ever-expanding global population are placing heavy demands on our water supply. We might not realise this, because much of the water used to fuel our daily lives is used in places far from where we live. Still, water-related issues are becoming ever more pressing.

Grundfos aims to use our close partnership with C40 to put our decades of experience in water management in use - helping secure a sustainable and resilient water future for all global citizens.

Solutions that work from around the world

Some of us live in places flooded by water, others in perpetual drought. Some live in areas where the water is dirty and unfit for human consumption. These are the stories of four smart cities that Grundfos helped solve their water challenges.


Ensuring a safe, reliable, and chemical-free water supply for almost two million Parisians

A reliable solution was needed for turning the surface water of the Seine into drinking water for the 1.84 million residents the Choisy-le-Roi plant serves.


Increasing river flow prevents flooding and cleanses the water

Fuzhou has had problems with black and smelly water in its rivers for decades. A series of Grundfos pump gates brought flow to the water. These are solving the problem of black and smelly water, creating a better living environment along the populated riversides.


Protecting citizens of low-lying Semarang from chronic, devastating floods

A Grundfos pumping station allows the city of Semarang, Indonesia, to protect thousands of residents from chronic flooding. The project has lifted the community – and increased property values as well.


Lake water becomes safe and reliable drinking water for 1.5 million people

Raised on a hillside in the mountains near this urban area of about 4 million in Zhejiang province, the Ningbo Dongqian Lake water plant would supply water to about a third of the city's population.

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We are all at risk from future water challenges

World map - water stress - c40

Water is the most precious resource on Earth, because all life depends on it. But an ever-expanding and increasingly urban global population threatens our supply of clean water. This map shows water stress by country in 2040 under a business-as-usual scenario.

About Grundfos

With its roots and Group headquarters in Denmark, Grundfos was founded in 1945, currently employing 19,000 people worldwide. An annual production of more than 17 million pump units makes GRUNDFOS the world’s leading pump manufacturer.

Grundfos pioneers solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people. In the current state of climate crisis, cities experience increasing water stress and risk of flooding, affecting the lives of millions of citizens across the world. Urbanization will only amplify these risks in the future.