Goal 13

UN goal 13

Climate changes call to action

Energy usage is a major cause of climate change and pump solutions account for a massive 10% of the world’s electricity consumption. With more energy efficient pump solutions, electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 4%.That is why we are using our official sponsorship of the Men's EHF EURO 2020 to show our support for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 13.

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Since 1970, the number of natural disasters worldwide has more than quadrupled to around 400 a year.



Pumps account for 10% of the world’s total electrical energy consumption and up to 90% of them are inefficient.



If we replaced every inefficient pump in the world, we could make great energy savings and reduce global electricity consumption by 4%.

Green at heart

The world faces an unprecedented growing population and its limited resources of water and energy continue to dwindle. In order to tackle this challenge, we need innovative solutions that conserve water and energy. With the right pumps, we are not just saving water and energy, we are combatting climate change and helping the planet.

Explore innovative solutions to water and energy challenges.

Goal 6 and 13 quiz

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