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Grundfos Account

Create a Grundfos Account and get access to our wide range of online services offering training, instant product information, earning rewards and much more.

The same account gives you access to all of the following services:

Grundfos Product Center

Detailed product information at your convenience

The Grundfos Product Center gives you instant access to all the information you need on already purchased pumps or to select new pumps - quick dimensioning, pump replacement tools, CAD drawings, pump curves and other relevant data.

Grundfos MyGrundfos

The answers you need, when you need them

MyGrundfos is your 24/7 self-service tool providing you with instant answers to your questions. Access information such as order status, track and trace, prices, availability, recent quotations and which replacement pump to choose, allowing you to provide instant information to your customers as well.

Grundfos Extranet

Order products in just a few clicks

Grundfos Extranet allows existing customers to order Grundfos pump solutions and services online. It is fast, easy and advantageous, with favourable prices and access round the clock. Fill your cart, review your items, and check out your order. It’s that simple.

Grundfos Win & Earn

Turn products and training into rewards

WIN & EARN allows you as a professional installer to register your Grundfos purchases, online and face-to-face training and selected events. You can use earned points with an international gift voucher supplier such as Amazon, or for micro sponsorships of your local sports clubs or merchandise in the Grundfos shop.

Grundfos Ecademy

Advance your skills with bite-sized learning

ECADEMY is our online learning platform that allows you to deepen your knowledge on Grundfos products at your own pace, in the order you choose through short videos and articles. Sessions are tailored to individual job roles and available at both a basic and more advanced level, ensuring high relevance and flexibility for you.