Intelligent connectivity in industry applications

Intelligent pump solutions offer more than just pumps. They allow you control, monitor and optimise your entire system to deliver high performance in demanding applications. Discover how our intelligent pumps and application knowledge can reduce system complexity and help you meet any industry application challenge.

Steam boiler system - energy efficiency

Boilers & Systems

Whatever your aims for a boiler-feed installation, water level is crucial to its success. Grundfos iSOLUTIONS combine pump intelligence and application expertise to deliver a simplified boiler system that precisely controls water levels.

Temperature control system – reduce energy

Temperature Control

The goal of a temperature control system is simple: keep discharge from the heat exchanger at a specific temperature. Learn how to take control of the temperature control loop and optimise the entire system using fewer components.

Water treatment systems – reduce tier

Water Treatment

Controlling pressure and water levels precisely in all stages of water treatment can be challenging – especially with major flow variations. Discover how pump intelligence can ensure design flexibility and efficiency while reducing costs.


Water infrastructure and industrial water supply

Industrial Water Supply

The interplay between applications in industrial water supply has important implications on the overall process. Learn how to optimise water reuse and reduce downtime with a fully-integrated pump system that connects all applications.

High performance pump systems for Industrial cleaning and washing

Wash & Clean

When operators can save time and clean more effectively, the process and end products improve. But limited space and time places great demands on a pump system. Explore how to achieve compact, high-performance systems.



Without precise control of your pumps, your machining systems may be running inefficiently. Find out how integrated frequency converters in your machine tool pumps can optimise your machining systems.



Are you looking for a smart, sustainable way to reduce energy consumption in your desalination systems? Find out how automated pump control can stabilise your entire system and make your desalination more energy efficient.