Quick delivery and replacement of wastewater pumps and spare parts

Quick delivery and replacement

Maximising reliability and minimising downtime is critical to your operations

Pumping wastewater is a complex and demanding process, and keeping reliability high and downtime low is critical for your operations. For quick and expert diagnostics, easy pump replacement, product comparisons, spare parts, repairs and service agreements, Grundfos delivers a full solution to match your needs.

Fast delivery and replacement of wastewater pumps with Grundfos:

Our expert knowledge and flexible assistance can help you identify problems with your pumping stations quickly. Our smart approach to wastewater challenges ensures you get an alarm when there is an issue in the sewer network. Once the issue is identified, Grundfos ensures quick delivery and replacement of the pumps and spare parts you need – saving you time and reducing your risk of downtime.

Benefits of quick delivery and replacement:

  •  Find replacement pumps with our online replacement tool
  •  Find spare parts quickly in our online catalogue
  •  Receive service solutions that support repair, replacement and troubleshooting
  •  Delivery within 1 to 3 days from a permanent stock of wastewater pumps
  •  Overnight delivery or recommended spare parts available onsite to ensure stable operation

Read on to explore the Grundfos replacement tools, materials and products that help you reduce system downtime and optimise your operations.


Instant delivery

Pump delivery in an instant

Grundfos maintains a permanent stock of wastewater pumps that match performance requirements for general performance needs. This ensures quick delivery within days to minimise your system downtime. Read our instant delivery brochure to learn more about quick delivery of pumps and spare parts.

Pump replacement

Quick pump replacement saves massive costs and time

When Wessex Water’s Sherborne Sewage Treatment Plant experienced multiple pump breakdowns, repairing them quickly was critical. Located in southern Dorset, UK, the site treats a daily average of 15,000 cubic meters (175 l/s) of incoming wastewater for a population equivalent of 11,000.

The plant is a completely pumped system and needs all pumps available at all times. The pumps that broke down were two-pole super-head pumps, which the plant doesn’t keep on the shelf. “Grundfos actually flew some pumps over to us in a really short time to offset the need to set up an over-pumping solution, which would have been extremely expensive and logistically difficult,” says Wessex Water’s Asset Service Manager.

Find out more about how Grundfos supplied Wessex Water’s replacement pumps within four working days.

Get the replacements you need in just a few clicks

The online replacement tool at Grundfos Product Center makes it easy to find the right replacement pumps fast. Search for pumps that match your performance needs or to optimise efficiency in your system.

See how easy it is

Replacement tool

Save time with our guide and handbook

Find the right replacement in minutes

Replacement guide

The Grundfos Replacement Guide helps you save time when searching, comparing and finding replacements for your old wastewater pumps. Use the handy pocket guide when you are offline, as an alternative to the information available at Grundfos Product Center. It includes information on suitable adapters to be used in the installation of the replacement pump.

Essential support for your pumping station

Essential support

Grundfos offers comprehensive service assistance to support the maintenance and refurbishment of existing pumping stations, from checklists and best-practice guidance to troubleshooting and accessories. Discover all of this in our Service Technician’s handbook.

Meet the products that offer trouble-free operations

The Grundfos SE and SL ranges offer world-class hydraulic efficiency without compromising free passage. With intelligent adaptive controls, high motor performance, user-friendly functionality and the simple, yet robust S-tube impellers, they can easily meet the demands of modern wastewater – with better solids handling and greater non-clogging capabilities.

Total hydraulic efficiency
Ensure the ultimate in non-clogging and total hydraulic efficiency with SE/SL wastewater pumps