Grundfos takes the field in Russia

Grundfos takes the field in Russia

Unleashing the great game

At the football world championship in Russia, 736 players from 32 different countries are battling it out for the biggest prize in world football. It is a month of nerves and drama, as some nations burst with joy, while others weep in despair – you might say it’s a Russian Roulette. Behind the scenes, Grundfos has played a significant part in ensuring a trouble-free execution of the tournament.

The world’s attention is on these elite athletes fighting tooth and nail to bring glory to their country and their compatriots watching anxiously at home. But in order for these players to perform on the biggest stage, it’s important that everything on said stage runs smoothly. Grundfos has contributed to ensure that all the stadiums used during the tournament create the best possible conditions for both players and spectators. 

Happy Fans

Driving team performance

With more than 800 Grundfos units installed across the various stadiums, the project has proven to be a real game changer for Grundfos in Russia. But it is particularly at Kaliningrad Stadium, Luzhniki Stadium and Rostov Arena, where Grundfos has made its mark, providing equipment for entire systems including water supply, heating and ventilation, drainage, cooling and firefighting systems to name a few.

All these systems work together to ensure the best possible comfort in the stadiums – in other words, it’s a team game, in which all components need to work together. Just like football.

Sharing our skills with the best

Alexander Gatsenko, Head of Sales Group, at Grundfos Russia says that delivering solutions to a project of this magnitude has been hard work, but definitely hard work worthwhile.

- The football world championship is a huge event, so playing such a vast part in it is very significant for Grundfos. For instance, providing so many pumps to Luzhniki Stadium, the biggest stadium in the country and the venue for the final, has well and truly cemented Grundfos’ position in Russia. We like to place ourselves alongside the best, and this project puts us alongside the best athletes and the best sport in the world. It has been a long process, but definitely one that has been really positive for us, he says.

Kaliningrad stadium

Heating up the competition

Kaliningrad Stadium is the tournament’s western-most arena located between Poland and Lithuania. Hosting four matches during the tournament, it is set to welcome more than 140.000 spectators over the four matchdays. Grundfos provides a wide range of systems for Kaliningrad Stadium, delivering 57 pumps in total – ranging from Unilift AP wastewater pumps, to pressure-boosting CR pumps to TPE3 cooling and heating systems. With 24 units, Unilift AP is the main representative of Grundfos in this stadium, while the 26 heating and ventilation pumps all combine to improve the comfort for players and spectators alike, giving them a memorable experience.

Did you know?
Kaliningrad Stadium is constructed on the Oktyabrsky island in the centre of Kaliningrad. In order to make the foundation more stable, the soil was compacted. This required no less than 1.6 million cubic metres of sand.

World-class skills make the difference

Located in the capital, Moscow, the Luzhniki Stadium is the largest stadium in Russia. It has hosted a variety of huge football matches in the past, but none more so than the final of the football world championship, which it will host in July. With more than 1000 toilets installed throughout the stadium, several thousand litres of water is flushed during a match, making it even more crucial that the many Grundfos Unilift and Grundfos Sololift wastewater pumps know the score. It is not just waste water, however. Grundfos has provided Luzhniki Stadium with a whopping 417 pumps, with the vast majority of those being UPS circulator pumps – ensuring that the stadium is more than prepared to host the world’s best footballers.

Did you know?
Since 2013, more than 6,1km of water supply networks and 5,4km of sewerage have been constructed near the stadium to provide it with water.

Football player
Rostov Arena

Flooded with Grundfos solutions

With its location not far from the Ukrainian border, the newly-built Rostov Arena has a capacity of 45.000 and hosts five matches during the tournament. 49 Grundfos units are installed throughout stadium, including four Unilift AP wastewater pumps. Rostov Arena is situated in an area which is flooded once every five years. To address this risk, the stadium was built on no less than 5424 foundation piles atop a mound of 6 metres. While the main concerns were taken care of in the construction process, the Grundfos Unilift AP pumps still play an important role in keeping the stadium safe and protecting the foundation. 

Did you know?
Six varieties of grass and 400kg of seeds were used for seeding the lawn at Rostov Arena.