Water Clean Up


Doing what we can.

The theme of this year's World Water Day is 'Nature for Water.' It is about how we can use nature to help provide us with more sources of clean water. This involves the creation of large nature-based solutions that can trap or filter water, such as wetlands or forests. It can also involve the restoration of existing but damaged eco-systems.

These projects are all of a massive scale and require planning and funding beyond what Grundfos colleagues can deliver in their spare time. Nonetheless, there is something that we can do.

Many eco-systems today are tainted by trash. It pollutes the water and affects the wildlife around it. Rubbish, such as plastic waste, dissolve into micro-particles in the water, that is then introduced into the food chain. Chemicals from rubbish can also leak into the soil and water. 

We can take action and clean up our local environment. With nothing but gloves, trashbags and companionship, we can make a difference in our own local eco-system.


Active collaboration around the globe

Grundfos colleagues came together and arranged clean up events in many countries, including Peru, Indonesia, India and Romania, to name a few. In the days surrounding World Water Day, they participated in making their local surroundings not only cleaner, but also safer and more beautiful. All that is topped off with the knowledge that they made their environments better.

Mangrove forest

Plogging in Finland for the environment

As part of showing their support for World Water Day, Grundfos Finland (GEF/GSF) organised an initiative with the healthy and eco-friendly activity of plogging: a combination of both picking up trash from the ground and jogging.

Despite the cold weather of 0 °C that day, our colleagues were unfazed. Decked in their yellow Grundfos safety vests with thrash bags and enthusiasm, they set off for the clean-up. Every piece of thrash picked up reduces the amount of pollution that will eventually end up in the local water environment. Not only was this an engaging way to get colleagues to exercise, the run raised awareness about water pollution and was impactful to the wildlife habitat.

“We hope such initiative can be recognised on a larger level and become a routine event,” says Valter Mangs, our Product Development Engineer at GEF.

Gangai Amman Koil restorarion in Chennai_

Restoring a lake in Chennai, India

Our colleagues in India began 2018 with a kick. As part of its CSR activity, aligning with our clean water ambition and supporting SDG #6, Grundfos India, in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry, has been restoring the Gangai Amman Koil Lake in Chennai since January 19. It began with cleaning over 100 metres of the lake, to clearing more than 60% gauge lotus, to modifying the bund around the lake.

To celebrate World Water Day, the company also invited underprivileged students to visit the headquarters and performed a street play. "The enthusiasm of these students was amazing. It is so heartening to see that the younger generation is so concerned about water conservation and the environment," says Mahathi Parashuram, Regional Head – Public Affairs, Communications & Relations, Grundfos Asia Pacific Region.

World water day Korea

Art exhibition in South Korea

Grundfos South Korea (GPK) rolled out a Grundfos Water Day Contest and held the Grundfos Water Day Exhibition for employees’ families. After presenting to employees the importance of water and the water challenges that we are facing, we asked them to discuss these issue with their families. They were then asked to express their thoughts creatively, through pictures and paintings. Afterwards, we held an exhibition to showcase the art pieces created by the employees' children, with their personal thoughts about water shortage, the importance of water and what it meant to them.

World Water Day South Australia Adelaide

Walk for water in Australia

Grundfos Australia had its own unique way of marking World Water Day. Employees from Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne raised a glass of water to celebrate the Day in various ways. Some employees committed to drinking nothing but water all week - no coffee, no tea, no hot chocolate and no bubbles, whilst others undertook a pledge to walk 10.000 steps per day, as a reminder of how many people around the world walk miles everyday to reach the nearest water source. Beyond spreading awareness, they also managed to collect donations to support our internal employee programme, Water2Life.

World water day Indonesia

Better together

This year, Grundfos Indonesia (GAS) participated in a mass water clean-up in the Muara Baru area, Jakarta. The initiative was a joint collaboration with a local NGO, the Government of DKI Jakarta, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, Muara Baru Port authorities and several other private companies. After cleaning up some parts of the neighborhood, they also planted numerous mangrove trees to help prevent soil erosion, by stabilizing soil sediments through tangled root systems.  This in turn will also help to maintain the quality and clarity of seawater. After a few hours of hard work, a line of young mangrove trees stood tall, acting as a reminder that our awareness and care towards the environment should start early. 

World water day China

Learning about water treatment

To mark World Water Day, our employees in Grundfos China (GWC) placed the spotlight on wastewater. They organized a visit to the Lu Village wastewater treatment plant, the biggest water treatment plant in Wuxi City. The visit was attended by both employees’ and their families, to also reach out to the next generation. At the plant, they learnt about how wastewater was treated in their city and where it would be discharged to after the treatment process. The visit was both educational and brought families closer together. 

The cape town challenge

Our Grundfos colleagues are also trying to raise awareness about the different issues related to water usage and water pollution. This year's highlight story is about the current Cape Town water crisis. Click to find out more.

Grundfos Budapest Clean Up

Doing it for Danube 

Danube river is the second largest river in Europe, crossing through 10 countries. It also cuts through the centre of Budapest, Hungary, separating Buda on one side and Pest on the other. Our employees based in Budapest at Grundfos Financial Shared Service (GSSE) decided to roll up their sleeves and clean up a part of the Danube area and one of the river’s islands, Palotai. Although it was early in the spring and the weather was rather cold, they were determined to do the clean-up and collected over 15 large trash bags of garbage.

Grundfos Peru Cleanup

A part to play

Rather than heading home after work, our colleagues at Grundfos Peru decided to gather together and do some good. They headed over to their local beach, in the district of Chorrillos and started picking up thrash in the area. Accompanied by the sounds of the waves, laughter was shared and the colleagues had a fun time doing something for their community. ‘The cleanup made us more aware about the consequences if we do not take care of our environment. We can all help a little and work together as a team’, says Cindy, Customer Service Unit Coordinator at GPE.

Water clean up GIT

A cleaner Adda river

Together with a local canoeing association, our colleagues at Grundfos Italy (GIT) organised a water clean up at the Martesana canal, located in the Lombardy region, Northern Italy. The canal, built in the 15th century, is very famous among the locals as a recreational area, known for its tranquility. 

For this event, our colleagues managed to fill a 4-meter long canoe with various types of waste: large wooden logs, bottles, papers, plastic, even a pole with a stop sign."It was an interesting experience! I felt satisfied for having spent an afternoon dedicated to protecting the environment," said Sina Ruggeri, our colleague at GIT. 


Creating beautiful jogs at Tópark lake 

Several times a week, our colleagues at Grundfos South East Europe (GHU) often jog
around Tópark lake, located near their office in Hungary. However, they had
never spotted thrash on their runs, because of their speed. For this year’s World Water Day, they wanted to draw attention to water-related challenges and start an initiative that would get colleagues to become more observant and involved in their surroundings. During the clean-up, they realized that there was actually much trash on the shore, that they had not noticed before.

“It was good to slow down our pace and do something different from our daily routines,
for the environment. We are proud to be able to lend a helping hand to the environment and reduce contamination, by collecting over one cubic meter of trash,” says Anita Szeredi, SECA Area HR Business Partner.