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As cities grow, so does their waste – and highly potent water leachate. ...
Shenyang, China, a city of around 8 million people, is mostly flat. But just north of the city in Daxing, a mountain rises from the plains. This is a mountain of rubbish, supplied by the city’s residents. It is one of two landfills that serves the municipality. As the city grows, the landfill grows with it – along with the corresponding environmental challenges.
At California organic vineyard, pump is key part of sustainability
Despite the otherwise brilliant growing conditions for grapes, Ampelos Vineyard in California's Santa Rita Hills does not get much rain. Therefore, Ampelos' irrigates its 46,000 vines from an aquifer 50 metres underground, brought to the surface with a Grundfos submersible SP pump.
Austrian utility: 'We didn't believe energy savings of this size were possible'
For the water booster supply application after sand filtration/backwash at Wasserverband Südliches Burgenland in Oberwart, Austria, Grundfos supplied a CR-95 22 kW model from its new line of
Cambodian water plant enjoys 20% energy plus water savings and improved supply
Takéo Safe Water Supply teamed up with Grundfos to implement a well-tested technology – demand-driven distribution (DDD) – with a new financing model called a “Performance-Based Contract.”
Dubai buildings unlock up to 80% energy savings with simple pump swaps
Dubai building owners are replacing oversized pumps in HVAC-systems for immediate energy savings of up to 80% - in line with Dubai’s goal of retrofitting 30,000 buildings by 2030. It all starts with a Grundfos Energy Check.
Easy access to safe, affordable water changes lives in Ugandan villages
After decades of unsafe water, fishing villages by Uganda’s Lake Victoria are now getting safe and affordable water with Grundfos Lifelink water systems. Among all age groups in one village, diarrhoea cases have fallen by nearly half in just two years – and are well on their way to total eradication.
How an old treatment plant became one of Poland's best
Tomaszów updated its wastewater plant with a full-line supply of Grundfos pumps, mixers, optimised tank design and project execution. The city saved 50% energy and improved its water output to be among the best in Poland.
Pump station solves chronic flooding, boosts quality of life in Semarang, ...
Grundfos supplied six large KPL axial flow propeller pumps, which each can handle 325 m3/min (85,865 gal/min), as well as two smaller KPL pumps that handle 150 m3/min (39,630 gal/min), for a total capacity of 35 m3 per second, or 126,000 m3/hour (554,820 gal/min).
Pump upgrade for growing city brings efficiency - plus surprise benefits
What started as a project to improve pump efficiency brought other benefits – such as happier workers from quieter pumps, as well as advantages to the surrounding community like stable water supply and high-quality life, Liu Zhiwei, Chief of Technology and Equipment at the Qujiang water company, at the Shaoye Booster Pump Station in Shaoguan, China.
Sustainable student housing in smooth waters
For Urban Rigger's floating student homes, Grundfos has supplied MDG Lifting stations to handle the critical wastewater situation, as well as ALPHA2 circulators for heating and SCALA2 for water boosting.