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SMART Digital solves off-gassing problem
Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority solves off-gassing problem with Grundfos SMART Digital.
Solving vapour lock issues at US wastewater treatment plant
To solve vapour lock issues with its mechanical dosing pumps, the Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority (BJWSA) tested a DDA pump from Grundfos. The mechanical dosing pumps forced operational staff to dilute the sodium hypochlorite, but the SMART Digital DDA-FCM quickly proved far more reliable than the old ones, and the pumps operated without a single vapour lock incident. The DDA also lasts longer on UPS power during a power failure, increasing reliability and safety even further.
Sony Center, Berlin, Potsdamer Platz
Sony is one of the world's leading and most familiar audio, video, telecommunications and information technology companies; its products include TVs, video recorders, CD and DVD players plus products such as camcorders and games consoles.
Spanish winery benefits from cost-efficient pumping
Amidst the otherwise barren landscape of North-eastern Spain, several thousand grapevines are flourishing year round. Each year, the moist winter and early spring give way to the hot and arid days of late spring and summer, and plant growth is inhibited. Sustaining an economical and environmentally sound irrigation solution for the winery was a challenge Grundfos was proud to meet.
Sporty pumps at SAP Arena, Mannheim
The SAP Arena, opened in September 2005 in Mannheim, is one of the most modern sport and event venues in Europe. The building is a hugely versatile multifunctional arena: as well as ice hockey and handball games, the programme includes classical music concerts, musicals and large conferences held by local companies. Quick and easy conversion from an ice stadium to a handball pitch, a concert hall or a theatre stage is made possible thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Daniel Hopp, managing ...
SQFlex helps put down roots in Kenya
For the Kwatella tribe, finding adequate grazing land and water for their livestock has been the driving force in their lives for centuries. Living in Kenya’s northwestern Turkana district, these pastoral nomads have always been on the move, following seasonal patterns of rain, dry spells, and vegetation growth.
SQFlex guarantees independence in Auroville, India
In the late 60’s a group of people dreamed of creating a place “that no nation can claim as its sole property, a place where all human beings of good will, sincere in their aspirations can live freely as citizens of the world.” In the early 70’s a dozen pioneers realised this Utopian dream and created Auroville Universal Township in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu, which currently counts a population of 1800 representing more than 30 nationalities.
Substantial refurbishment and expansion of Kubratovo WWTP
Substantial refurbishment and expansion of Kubratovo WWTP
Supreme hotel relies on supreme water disinfection by Grundfos
The biggest 5-star hotel in Sofia disinfects water with Grundfos dosing and disinfection systems.
Sustainable and efficient supplement to boiler heating
Solar energy is an ideal cost-saving supplement to a conventional hot water and heating system. But the challenge is to get the two systems to work seamlessly together to get the most out of the sun even on the cloudy days.