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Astramatic: Grundfos pumps in 1,000 m3/day RO plant in Algeria
Astramatic S.A., Barcelona, Spain, is an engineering and consulting company that designs, builds, manufactures, and maintains industrial process water treatment plants adapted to all needs and situations.
ATT: Grundfos MQ pumps improve efficiency and provide simplified plant layout
ATT, Aqua Treatment Technology Inc., Quezon City, Philippines, is the region’s leading manufacturer of water purification systems.
Availability and guaranteed hygiene required
Asklepios sees itself as one of the leading international clinic chains. The company is responsible for more than 90 institutions overall, over 30 day clinics, 20,000 beds and 32,000 members of staff in Germany, the USA and, in future, China.
Cost effective pump solution helps Leshan Water Company to improve service ...
Leshan Water Company operates three water works serving 400,000 customers. Taking the time to understand a customer’s challenges can lead to strong partnerships that achieve results. That was the experience of Zhangxiang Ding, Sales Manager for GSH WU West China and his team when they approached the Leshan Water Company in Leshan City, China to discuss potential projects.
Demand Driven Distribution helps reduce leakages and energy costs in Ploesti,...
Proportional pressure management saves energy and reduces leakages in the Municipality of Ploesti, Romania.
Demand Driven Distribution - great for more than leaks
The Demand Driven Distribution concept has helped drive down energy consumption and maintenance costs for the Dunea water company.
DESY in Zeuthen installs CRNE pumps in various cooling systems
DESY is one of the world's leading particle accelerator centres for research into the structure of matter.
Dp for Flow controlled Pumps
An E-pump ”only” generates the required pressure to circulate the water. In situations, where the temperature goes up outside, then the demand for heat in a building goes down. The E-pump will then reduce its speed to the required need, and hereby reduce the energy consumed from running the pump.
Energy cost savings of EUR 13,000 per year
With the new Grundfos CR booster pumps, ZPW2 Grenzland Süd-Ost / Bad Gleichenberg water works can achieve energy savings of up to 30%.
Flowcontrol for Industrial Wash and Clean
KSN Industry A/S are producing Industrial washing plants for many different purposes. Their machines are used for washing e.g. little metal pieces and oil of processed Pump Chambers.