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Sustainable student housing in smooth waters
For Urban Rigger's floating student homes, Grundfos has supplied MDG Lifting stations to handle the critical wastewater situation, as well as ALPHA2 circulators for heating and SCALA2 for water boosting.
Water reuse turns wastewater into resource at surface treatment plant
Previously, Grundfos disposed of used rinse water in the CED surface treatment plant at one of its factories. Now, the company treats it and reuses it onsite, saving water for both the factory and the community.
Ensuring legionella-free water for hospitals
Contamination of a hospital’s water supply is a serious problem of public health. Therefore, it is important to take preventive action against legionella infections and prevent legionella formation in drinking water systems.
16 Oxiperm Pro systems for the Munich Exhibition Center
With all sorts of different occupants in the Munich Exhibition Halls, there were increasing problems when the drinking water was left standing in the supply pipes for long periods of time. To solve this problem the disinfection system selected was the
How a Belgian hospital can grow 40% without growing energy use
Pump replacement will help UZ Brussel become one of Belgium’s most sustainable hospitals
Ningbo doses safely and accurately for 1.5 million citizens
The Chinese city of Ningbo built its first modern water treatment plant in 2007. Raised on a hillside in the mountains near this urban area of about 4 million in Zhejiang province, the Ningbo Dongqian Lake water plant would supply water to about a third of the city's population.
Luxury hotel cuts energy in half and keeps comfort at 100%
In 2010, Midea renovated its headquarters in Shunde, China. The company used another brand of pumps. By 2011, high electricity costs, high noise and other problems from those pumps encouraged the owners to look for a better solution. They installed Grundfos, which immediately cut their running costs in half.
Pump gates bring a new flow to Fuzhou’s rivers, revitalising life in city centre
Fuzhou, China, has had problems with black and smelly water in its rivers and canals for a few decades. A series of Grundfos pump gates brought flow to the water. These are solving the problem of black and smelly water, creating a better living environment along the populated riversides.
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