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User-friendly solution provides cost-effective phosphate removal at German WWTP
German wastewater utility Stadtwerke Heppenheim needed to save on operating costs. With a new phosphate dosing station equipped with Grundfos SMART Digital XL DDA diaphragm dosing pumps, the company achieved cost-effective dosing in a solution so user-friendly that no manual is needed.
Wales Street Primary School uses harvested water to rejuvenate school grounds
Wales Street Primary School, in the inner Melbourne suburb of Thornbury about 7km from Melbourne’s CBD, had a well-grassed oval, and decided to install an underground irrigation system to keep the ground in shape. However, after the system had been installed, the drought arrived and they were unable to use it. Water restrictions meant they couldn’t use mains water, and the oval grass died. Despite several attempts to re-seed it, it developed into a summer dust bowl.
Distributor: We're proud the market identifies us with Grundfos
Juan Luis Pérez sells Grundfos pumps. Lots of them. As Sales Manager of Silver Hidráulica, a pump distributor in Valladolid, Spain, his warehouse devotes about a third of its entire space to SP submersibles. This fertile region of Castile and León is famous for its wine, so that means irrigation.
Werner: Top quality - no charge
Founded in 1956, Wilhelm Werner GmbH in Leverkusen, Germany, is a leading specialist in water treatment systems, especially systems for ultra-pure water.
Wireless data transmission keeps reliability high and costs low at ...
For a wastewater treatment plant, reliability is of great importance. The removal of wastewater and stormwater in extreme situations must happen when required. Costs are also important, and the key is to ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising the reliability and the sustainability of the wastewater treatment plant.
Wisthoff: DME digital dosing pumps improve glass production.
Wisthoff Glassworks in Germany is a subsidiary of the international Group Gerresheimer.
Working with the customer for that special solution
Cheminova A/S produces and markets fine chemicals, the most important product group being plant protection products.
Grundfos Direct Sensors™ in novel and customized Temperature Control Units ...
Grundfos Direct Sensors™ in novel and customized Temperature Control Units and Control Systems from gwk
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