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Intelligent control of the booster system optimises energy efficiency and ...
Using Grundfos Demand Driven Distribution (DDD), output pressure in the waterworks is controlled by continuously measuring the pressure at the mains end. This solves four immediate problems: Increases operating comfort due to constant mains pressure, energy savings thanks to strategic pressure reduction, minimises the risk of pipe breaks and expensive repairs and reduces adjustment and programming work.
Italian utility reduces water loss by 30% with pressure management
Italian utility reduces water loss by 30% with pressure management
Kazak utility cuts water and energy losses
After struggling to operate a 21st century economy using 19th century water equipment, a city in Kazakhstan found a way to keep its citizens and industries supplied while reducing the amount of water wasted by half.
Kazakhstan's global EXPO demands maximum reliability of pump systems
Astana EXPO 2017 enjoys 25 percent energy savings from ultra-efficient pumping systems while millions of visitors experience comfort in buildings.
Lübzin Waterworks: optimum value for specific energy expenditure
EURAWASSER Nord GmbH’s partner is EURAWASSER Aufbereitungs- und Entsorgungs GmbH Berlin, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, France, active nationally since 1990. EURAWASSER’s contracting companies are local authorities and public utility companies. EURAWASSER offers local authorities comprehensive long term collaborations for water and wastewater in the context of various models adapted to the specific context. These models range from management contracts to operational management, ...
Leadership demands state-of-the-art solutions
Istanbul, Turkey: When Established in 1924 just after the Republic of Turkey was formed, Isbank holds the honour of being the country’s first truly national bank. Today, Isbank tops the list of Turkey’s most respected enterprises, and is included among the world’s largest corporations. In 2000, the bank opened its new headquarters in Istanbul, The complex consists of three towers: the highest is 53 stories high and the two smaller towers are 34 stories high. It contains the bank’s main branch...
Lower specific energy and reliable flow estimates in wastewater network
Provas, the municipal utility company in the city of Haderslev in southern Jutland, Denmark, is in charge of handling drinking water, wastewater, and waste management. Like many other utility companies, Provas needs to reduce its operating costs to make room for future investments. Saving energy at its 150+ network pumping stations will help Provas reach this goal. Provas, however, also has another challenge that must be addressed.
MAGNA3 with FlowLimit cuts need for pump throttling valves in HVAC systems
Installing the Grundfos MAGNA3 circulation pump brings in-built intelligence to help balance HVAC systems. It avoids the need for pump throttling valves and adjusts flow levels precisely through simple user interfaces. As a result, system efficiency improves significantly.
Making things happen in Dubai
Just a century ago Dubai was little more than a desert-strewn landscape where Bedouin tribes roamed the sands.
Mark Lacher's Farm
Originally, Mark used another pump on the site of this field. Poor suction inlet design caused cavitation damage with this high speed (3600 RPM) pump.