Construction of Atyrau Valve Plant



The situation

Atyrau Valve Plant of Chevron Munaigas Inc. (AVP) was commissioned in mid‐2013. The project for the construction of the plant was made on own foreign investment, but absolutely all AVP employees are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The plant produces wedge valves for use by gas, water supply and drainage networks. 


The objective 

The main challenge in the design of the plant’s pumping systems was the selection of a reliable manufacturer that provides comprehensive, high‐tech and energy‐efficient solution for pumping equipment that resolves to cover all heating, water supply, drainage, firefighting needs of the facility. 

When selecting the pump equipment, a lot of attention was given to the vendor with an extensive service network and fast delivery of spare parts required in the shortest possible time. The supply of the equipment was performed through Grundfos dealer and service partner in the Western region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Prior to design of the plant Chevron Munaigas Inc., has built references from the foreign supplier of technological equipment for the use of Grundfos pumps as machine tools with CNC, stands for hydraulic testing of finished products were supplied as "machine kits" with Grundfos pumps.


The solution

The development of the plant design and AVP working documentation was performed by specialized Kazakh companies. When selecting the equipment Grundfos make all efforts to offer a comprehensive solution.

For the water system, it was proposed packaged pressure boosting station with frequency converter for each pump installed at the pump motors enabling to significantly reduce the power consumption and increase the efficiency of the pumping equipment. For water drainage, Grundfos engineers proposed packaged sewerage pump station made of reinforced fiberglass with internal piping and automatic pipe couplings – no flange connection for easy service including control cabinets.

For reliable operation of the pumping systems there were proposed updated control cabinets enabling to transmit signals to operate and monitor the pumping equipment through remote access by MODBUS protocol to the control room panel that function using controllers of CU 351 series (for water) and CU 361 (for water drainage).

A separate set of pumps and Control MX control cabinet was proposed for fire protection aplications ‐ relevant current regulations and standards including a certificate from the manufacturer that valid on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The outcome

Integrated procurement of all pumping equipment from one vendor has allowed Chevron Munaigas Inc. to significantly optimize the cost of the maintenance and service of all equipment.

All pumps for water supply were equipped with the frequency converters that enable to save energy inthe process of operation, thereby to increase its "life cycle".

Acquired experience and work performed are a good factor for cooperation with further long‐termrelationship for Chevron Munaigas Inc. and Grundfos.


High-tech and energy-efficient soultion for pumping equipment that resolves to cover heating, water supply, drainage and firefighting needs of the facility




Atyrau Valve Plant (AVP)

AVP - High pressure CRN, CRNE pumps
High pressure CRN, CRNE vertical pumps


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.