Reisner Chiller Systems & Grundfos Direct Sensors™



Line of business:

Reisner GmbH develops and manufactures efficient chiller systems for a wide variety of Industrial Applications.

The situation:

While most chiller providers are focusing on reducing costs for volume production in the chiller market. Reisner GmbH Kältetechnischer Anlagenbau designs systems to their customers' exact requirements, with a focus on quality. Their success is based on a documented high-quality technology partnership with the client.

At the production plant in Holzwickede Reisner GmbH develops, produces and maintains many different energy efficient chiller solutions for all applications in industrial production, including systems for plastic injection moulding, metal forming and food production industries, as well as for a wide range of chemical applications. The product quality and customer service are certified.

One important certificate for operator of chiller of Reisner customers throughout European Union is related to energy efficiency management: DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 .Conforming to this exacting standard certification has opened the door to a wide spectrum of customers who expect their suppliers to take care of the energy management. Therefore Klaus Reisner and his team have developed controls and packages that calculate and balance the efficiency of their chiller systems.

To calculate COP (coefficient of performance), the electrical energy must be compared to cooling performance in the system. Therefore it is necessary to measure the electrical energy consumption and the mass flow as well. For the mass flow calculation the temperature in flow and return lines and the fluid flow rate must be measured accurately and economically.

The Solution:

Together with Klaus Reisner and his team our sales engineers Sebastian Strang and Walter Steckenreiter have been involved in the selection of the suitable sensors. This is how the ideal Grundfos pump package for their chiller systems was selected and integrated into the system solution.

Grundfos pumps and Grundfos Vortex flow transmitters VFI (Vortex Flow sensor Industry) are integrated now in more and more of their chiller systems.

The decision to use the Grundfos Vortex flow transmitter VFI for flow measurement is based on the VFI construction, pricing, performance, and specification.

The high grade of resistance against corrosion and mechanical wear is important in Reisner's chiller applications and was crucial for the choice of VFI. Unlike the previous technology used the Grundfos Vortex flow sensor (VFI) has no moving parts. No drift is expected and maintenance for the sensors is not necessary due to the physics of vortex technology. This is an additional benefit compared to alternative solutions.

The ability to buy the complete solution from one supplier was another benefit for the Grundfos solution and was instrumental in forming a partnership for future collaboration between Reisner GmbH & Grundfos.

The Outcome:

Mr. Klaus Reisner has been convinced by the overall Grundfos concept with pumps and flow sensors and the “Grundfos iSOLUTION idea” with a wide variety of products, which could be connected together.

This will lead to more ideas being incorporated including the usage of “Grundfos GO” and remote maintenance and diagnostics of the chiller systems. With aim to reduce the amount of service visits and system downtime.


Mr. Klaus Reisner:

“The efficiency of a complex chiller system is not visible if there are no sensors integrated. With the usage of additional measurements and the system information in the PLC we are able to control the chiller system much better. It is great to see that we are able to reduce the energy consumption in average at 40% with our Epsilon-chiller system compared to other system solutions.”

“We will use the Grundfos Vortex flow transmitter VFI for our applications now more and more.”


Grundfos Direct Sensors™ and pumps used in Reisner Chillers.


Schäferkampstraße 18 59439 Holzwickede, Germany


Reisner GmbH Kältetechnischer Anlagenbau

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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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