The SEG AUTOADAPT: A whole new level of intelligence



The new SEG AUTOADAPT pumps have proven very popular from the
moment of being launched. Clients point to how the new range
eliminates problems with external sensors in pumping stations and
facilitates intelligent operation – and now that the pumps are being
installed in new projects by the hundreds, end-users look forward to
seeing the new SEG pump’s advantages translate into real benefits
in the years to come.

Flying start for intelligent pump range
In Denmark, the SEG AUTOADAPT range got off to a flying start. Since
its launch, it has been chosen for many projects, in some cases
even replacing the pumps originally chosen in ongoing projects. For
example, one customer had originally selected the standard SEG
pump for the first phase of their project, but when they saw the new
AUTOADAPT version, they decided to use that for all phases – including
the one already underway.

Once you try AUTOADAPT, you don’t go back
But let us begin at the beginning. Tom Thomsen from Grundfos
recaps the new SEG AUTOADAPT pump in these terms: “The main
benefit to everyone really is that you effectively get your pump and
sensors as a single unit! They operate with complete intelligence, yet
do not require any external sensors. This eliminates a lot of wasted
time on troubleshooting,for example when trying to find the root cause of a pump stop – is it sensor trouble? Electronics?
Here, you can simply take out the pump, put another in
and then repair the faulty one. Problems can be solved
almost immediately. We’re very confident that once
people have tried the AUTOADAPT version, they won’t
want to go back.”

Early starters
One of the first projects to feature the SEG AUTOADAPT range in
Denmark took place in Guldborgsund, where the Rasmussen &
Kragh company of surveyors have many years of experience with
sewage projects. Carsten Kragh was called in by the local authorities
to handle three separate projects where pumping stations were
required, and he describes the project in the following terms:

Repeat business
“The first stage of the project was modest in scale, but it featured
something entirely new. Grundfos won the tender for pumping stations
to serve 73 addresses, and each of these stations was equipped
with the SEG AUTOADAPT pump.” Since then, the project has grown
in scope, expanding the original 73 pumping stations to 200 and
beyond, prompting a recent order of an additional 600 pumps for
the next stages.

Standardised solutions a great benefit
“The client sees many advantages to having a standardized solution
for their pumping stations,” explains Carsten. “It makes service and
maintenance a great deal easier for installers. Right from the start,
they expressed a positive interest in the new SEG range, and their
interest has proven well-placed.”

“Very user-friendly”
When asked about the advantages of the SEG AUTOADAPT range,
Mr Kragh does not hesitate: “They’re very clever. They’re great for
promoting user-friendliness. Getting rid of the external sensors
makes service a lot simpler.”

Excellent for documentation
He also emphasizes how the easy access to information and documentation
is an advantage when communicating with landowners
and water supply providers alike: “With the data on starts and
operation hours easily available, we have all the documentation we
need to prove actual consumption – and savings – to property owners.
Concerned citizens can get exactly the information they need.”


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Gribskov, Denmark


Gribvand Spildevand

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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.