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The national Swiss television is run in the interests of its viewers and listeners. Ensuring value for money is a core responsibility for the employees every day dedicated to produce fi rst class radio and television. The Schweizer Fernsehen has a portfolio of services in place which is suited to the digital age, and which enables the SF to bring more value than ever before.

To ensure not only the quality in broadcasting, but also the well being of all employees in the Zurich headquarter the SF looked for a partner that could supply the building with state-of-the-art air conditioning.

The Situation
Effective and reliable air-conditioning is critical for the SF national broadcasting company. The TV-headquarters comprises TV and radio production facilities serving the Swiss people.

The major challenge for Grundfos was the fact that the high number of sensitive applications within each room in the building needed stabile temperatures, regardless of the time of year or the use of the applications. Grundfos was asked to supply individual solutions for studios, production facility’s and all related premises.

The Grundfos Solution
Together with the customer Grundfos devised a scheme that focused on the flow in the chillers -the most important elements in an air-conditioning system. The Grundfos E-pumps were well suited to the job and became the backbone of the entire system. Because of the E-pumps ‘ electronic controls, every single pump could individually adapt to changing demands. This was vital in maintaining a constant internal temperature, given the widely fluctuating temperatures. Although the energy consumption varied, the flow remained constant. The overall result was a highly flexible air-conditioning system providing the SF with production facilities according to modern standards. The system was installed to meet very exacting specifications to ensure the protection of millions of dollars worth of TV-production equipment, as well as providing a pleasant and comfortable environment for people using the other major areas of the precinct.

The Outcome
The Grundfos solution has reduced the overall energy consumption with up to 50%. Furthermore the installation of MGE motors has given a perfect match of the motor and frequency converter. Together with the factory pre-settings this ensures optimum operation. Since the installation operation has been trouble-free.


Environmentally sound solution - Flexible system - Energy savings




The national Swiss television


  • Environmentally sound solution
  • Flexible system
  • Energy savings
Grundfos TP pump
Grundfos TP pumps, this pump type has a wide performance range. The motor and the pump are separated by means of a motor stool.


Life Cycle Cost
Life Cycle Cost reveals the bigger picture.

Selected Grundfos pumps used

  • CLM single-stage in-line pumps
  • LME single-stage in-line pumps with
  • MGE motor
  • TP single-stage in-line pumps Selected Grundfos pumps used



in-line circulator pumps
Grundfos can provide the right pump for an air-conditioning system of any size. The comprehensive range of dry-runner pumps extends from both heavy-duty end-suction workhorses to highly refined in-line circulator pumps.

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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.