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The SaSch public bath in the city of Bruchsal, south-western Germany, is all about action and wellness. The bath is a part of the Bruchsal sports centre where guests can enjoy a variety of excellent sports facilities or indulge themselves in wellness activities. The facilities were extensively expanded in 2003, and the public bath has something to offer for everyone, be it giant water slides, underwater massage jets, indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna area and much else.


The situation

In any public bath, ensuring optimal water quality is one of the primary considerations. Bacteria and viruses must be eliminated to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as legionella in the pools and pipework. In addition, the water must be filtered to remove contaminants (typically preceded by flocculation in order to form larger particle clusters that are easier to remove), and the acidity of the pool water must be kept constant in order to avoid skin and eye irritation for the bath guests.

SaSch has relied on Grundfos dosing solutions for flocculation and acidity control for years. Grundfos dosing pumps control water acidity by metering sodium hydroxide and fluoric acid, and they add flocculant in the form of aluminium sulphate to the sand filter. In order to achieve even greater precision and operational safety in its dosing processes, SaSch switched to SMART Digital DDA-FCM dosing pumps in 2013.


The Grundfos solution

A total of 6 DDA-FCM 7.5 16 bar dosing pumps with PVC dosing heads, ceramic balls and Viton seals were installed at SaSch. The dosing pumps treat the water for three indoor pools: a swimming pool, a diving pool (with jumping boards and adjustable floor height) and a children's pool. Four of the dosing pumps are set up to dose flocculant (aluminium sulphate) while the other two correct the pH value in the pools using sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid (lowering the water pH to the desired level following disinfection using chlorine gas). The dosing pumps for pH correction are connected to a Grundfos Conex DIP (Dosing Instrumentation Pool) controller which adjusts the dosing volume as needed, keeping the pH value precisely at the set point (pH 7.2). The flocculant dosing pumps are running permanently, continuously dosing a certain amount of flocculant in the circulation flow.


The outcome

Digital dosing has resulted in several benefits for SaSch. "Dosing, set-up and adjustment are much easier and more accurate than before," says pool maintenance operator Udo Hiller of SaSch. "This means that we can also save on materials, in particular when dosing flocculants. Dosing is more accurate, adjustment is easier and the handling is also relatively easy". While the cost savings involved in dosing only the required amount of chemicals are important, the great dosing accuracy of the DDA-FCMs is also important because the SaSch staff does not want to expose its guests to too many chemicals.

The intelligent monitoring and control features of the DDA-FCM are a great advantage when it comes to ensuring chemical safety at SaSch. "The pump realises when the pressure goes up because an injection point is clogged, and then it shuts itself down. The old pumps would have pumped and pumped until something burst. This is a big advantage," says Udo Hiller, adding that since installation, the pumps have run without any problems whatsoever, providing SaSch with a safe, cost-effective, accurate and maintenance-free dosing solution. Unsurprisingly, Udo Hiller is happy with the system in the basement at SaSch. "We like the operational efficiency and reliability of the Grundfos pumps, and the continuous adjustment to requirements and technical circumstances," he concludes. "The pumps are continuously developed further, which is good for us as operators – we have the latest standard. With Grundfos, you have a good product, and the support is good. For us, it's optimal. We are very satisfied."


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Increased user-friendliness, process safety and chemical savings with the DDA-FCM


Bruchsal, Germany





If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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