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Hardinge Group is a leading machine tool manufacturer offering a wide range of highly reliable turning, milling, grinding and work holding solutions. The company supports a variety of market applications, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, construction, agriculture, mold, tool and die, etc.

With factories in USA, Switzerland, China Taiwan and Shanghai, Hardinge is focused on consistent high quality super-precision, and high-performance. To do so, the quality requirements to their sub suppliers are very high – including the pump supplier.

The situation
Today, the competition within machine tools is very strong. Under the circumstances, customers focus increasingly on machine tool accessories or components and often individual component brands become an important indicator when customers choose machine tools.

And that is because, the quality of the individual components play an important part in the performance and quality of the machine tool.

To secure the high quality of their products, the factories in USA, Switzerland and Taiwan use Grundfos pumps only. And with a gradually expanding production scale within aerospace, automotive, electronics, mold and other fields, the Shanghai factory also turned to Grundfos.

The Grundfos solution
Having used other pump brands in their products for some time, local customers requested higher quality. As a result, the Hardinge Shanghai factory decided to produce high-end solutions with Grundfos pumps for their more demanding customers.

The Grundfos Machining Competence Centre worked in close cooperation with Grundfos China to develop a new product variant, which perfectly matched Hardinge requirements. Hardinge uses the new compact Grundfos MTH pump variant as a circulator and/ or high-pressure cooling pump for their high end machine tools. With the MTH, Hardinge got the stability compactness, performance and range that no other pump range could promise.

The outcome
Hardinge Shanghai is very pleased with the new solution, but also with the cooperation with Grundfos. Grundfos has provided professional technical support and the logistics have always worked smooth.

As a result of the cooperation, Hardinge Shanghai has been able to increase its own market competitiveness. And in the future, the Grundfos and Hardinge cooperation may just result in an even more compact variant, with even stricter quality requirements.

”The company philosophies of Grundfos and Hardinge are very similar. And Grundfos pumps are definitely worthy of the Hardinge brand. And because Grundfos continues to supply high quality pumps at competitive prices, we hope this cooperation will continue for many years."

Doctor Peter Qiu, Assistant General Manager at Hardinge Machine Shanghai


Grundfos’ focus on machine tools results in a new product and an innovative solution for Hardinge.


USA, Switzerland and Taiwan


Hardinge Group

Grundfos supplied

  • Compact design and wide range
  • Consistent high quality
  • Professional service and support


Grundfos pump
Stability and high performance are trademarks of the compact pump solution
Grundfos pump

Grundfos products

  • MTR high pressure pump
    Flow Q:Max. 85m3/h
    Head H:Max. 238 m
  • MTH circulation pump


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.