Belas golf course reduces costs and saves energy with Grundfos solution



Belas Clube de Campo property’s golf course is located near Sintra, UNESCO World Heritage City, and just 20 minutes away from Lisbon. Open since 1997, this 18 holes’ golf course, was designed by the American architect Rocky Roquemore.


The situation

The company responsible for the promotion and management of Belas Clube de Campo, Planbelas S.A., decided to invest in the pumping station requalification, used for the irrigation of nearly 40 hectare of golf course and gardens. The purpose was to improve the playing conditions of the golf course. “The previous pumping station failed a lot this summer and it consumed too much energy”, explains Simão da Cunha, the responsible for the golf course’s maintenance.

The goal of the requalification project was to update the pumping equipment to an advanced and state of the art solution, according with Paul Saunders, Golf Manager of Belas Clube de Campo. The aim was to reduce operating and maintenance costs, increase flow’s capacity, improve reliability, create the conditions to introduce new solutions, like monitoring applications, and to strengthen a long term partnership.


The solution

For Simão da Cunha, Grundfos was the company which better understood and adapted to the technical and financial needs. According with this responsible, Grundfos proposed the only financial model possible for Planbelas at this moment. From the technical point of view, Grundfos also presented the best solution: “If we want a top-level golf course, we also need a top-level solution.” Besides that, Grundfos presented a turn-key solution. “We didn’t have to look for any other supplier. It’s not so easy to find this kind of solution from others suppliers”, points out Simão da Cunha.

The existing equipment was replaced by a pressure booster with variable speed Hydro MPC-F. A remote monitoring and management solution (Grundfos Remote Management) was also supplied. As for the maintenance, Planbelas agreed to a Service Contract Premium for 60 months.


The result

“We expect a significantly reduction in the energy consumption. We estimate savings of 50.000 Euro in the next 10 years”, says Paul Saunders. The available flow used to be 210 m3 and now it’s 285 m3, so irrigation of the fields can occur at a certain period of the night. This allows Planbelas to benefit from reduced energy prices and also causes less impact in residents’ lives.

The possibility of updating the solution without having to replace the whole system is also, in Paul Saunders’ opinion, a positive aspect of this investment. Simão da Cunha adds that soon it may be possible to introduce new solutions like turfirrigation.

The remote monitoring and management of the pumping station is also a great feature. It allows to foresee failures and to draw conclusions from them through records’ analyses. “Remote management is very important because if a problem happens we know it right away and we can act immediately. In the past, we often knew of a problem when it was too late to act”, explains Belas golf course’s maintenance responsible.

Regarding the service contract, Simão da Cunha emphasizes that it gives Belas Clube de Campo more tranquillity and an additional guaranty: “It allow us to focus on our core business, which is to improve the golf course for our customers.



“We are very satisfied. We have a top-level pumping station and everything that involves the pumping station is now much more simple, organized and interconnected.”

Simão da Cunha, Golf course maintenance responsible


“The long term partnership created with Grundfos give us the guaranty of an advanced and reliable solution with the possibility of future evolution.”

Paul Sanders, Golf Manager of Belas Clube de Campo


Equipment supplied:

  • Pressure booster HYDRO MPC-F 4XCR64-4 22kW for irrigation
  • Grundfos Remote Management – remote monitoring and control system
  • Service contract Premium 60 months – pressure booster’s maintenance with prices included



  • Energy savings
  • Reliability
  • Costs reduction


Pumping station


Sintra, Portugal


Belas Clube de Campo



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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