Complex bioethanol production relies on DDA-FCM



AB Biofuture is a manufacturer of bioethanol (dehydrated ethyl alcohol) located in Šilutė, Lithuania. For dehydration, AB Biofuture employs the advanced technology of zeolite ceramic membranes. Using this technology has allowed the company to become the no. 1 supplier of high-quality bioethanol in the Baltic countries. The company's production capacity is 40,000 tons per year (for industrial use), and AB Biofuture sells its products locally as well as exporting to Western Europe.


The situation

When production started in 2004, AB Biofuture was using non-Grundfos dosing equipment for all dosing applications in the plant. However, frequent pressure changes in the pipes where the chemicals are injected (ranging from pressurized to pressure-less pipes) made the application very complex; too complex for standard dosing pumps. As a result, chemicals were frequently overdosed. Some of the dosed chemicals were degassing, and the technical staff had to monitor the pumps frequently to look for gas in the pump head. Furthermore, AB Biofuture's demand for chemicals depends on the production load, with dosing quantities ranging from 0.1 to 25 l/h. As a result, digital dosing pumps with advanced control were needed.


The Grundfos solution

When a Grundfos sales engineer presented the new SMART Digital dosing range, AB Biofuture realised the advantages that digital dosing could provide in terms of functionality, chemical savings and optimal product quality through dosing precision. The AB Biofuture service staff was very excited about the Auto-Deaeration function that would solve their problems with degassing chemicals. The DDA's Scaling of analogue input feature also impressed the customer. Most of the applications required a flow from 0.1 to 1.5 l/h. Scaling the input signal from a nominal flow of 7.5 l/h to 2 l/h on a 4-20 mA scale increased the precision of the control signal and improved dosing of small quantities. Grundfos won the tender for new pumps by offering the right solution for AB Biofuture's requirements: a total of 12 DDA-FCM pumps were installed.


The outcome

Now all dosing pumps at the AB Biofuture bioethanol plant are made by Grundfos. Solving the customer's issues with adapting the dosing set-up according to pressure fluctuations and production demands while also solving degassing problems, the DDA-FCM pumps have met all application requirements.



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Adaptable DDA-FCM dosing pumps adjust to complex and changing production circumstances


Šilutė, Lithuania


AB Biofuture



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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