Cost effective pump solution helps Leshan Water Company to improve service and efficiency



The situation

Leshan Water Company operates three water works serving 400,000 customers.

Taking the time to understand a customer’s challenges can lead to strong partnerships that achieve results. That was the experience of Zhangxiang Ding, Sales Manager for GSH WU West China and his team when they approached the Leshan Water Company in Leshan City, China to discuss potential projects.

When Grundfos sales first met with the water company, which operates three water works serving 400,000 customers, they learned that the four existing pumps at the company’s No.3 Leshan water works were unable to meet demand. Even worse, they were operating with very low efficiency.

The solution

“After discussions with the water company, Grundfos solution team member, Mrs. Liping Lu visited the pump station and tested the pumps for efficiency and performance,” explained Ding. “We then built a proposal for replacing the pump set (including bare pump and pump motor) to better serve customers and improve the pump station’s efficiency.”

This proposal was presented to Leshan Water Company; however, it was soon determined that budget constraints made a full replacement impossible. Grundfos sales team members then worked with the company to come up with an alternative that would fit their budget and achieve their goals to improve the efficiency of the pump station and to meet consumer demand. The plan included a replacement of the existing bare pump, not including the motor, with a Grundfos LS 500-300-490E bare pump with base plate.

The solution worked. Although the new Grundfos LS pump is operating with the old, less efficient 160kw motor, it is capable of pumping 20% more water than the old pump. It also uses 17% less energy to produce the same volume of water, resulting in significant savings.“ Grundfos worked with us to find the right solution for our budget.

The outcome

The new LS series pump helps us to meet our goal of increased efficiency and reduced costs related to maintenance and energy,” says Mrs. Lei, Deputy Manager of Leshan Water Company. “Providing our customers with good service is essential to our operation. With the new pump, we can better meet consumer demand.”

Leshan Water Works are the first in southwest China to adopt an LS series pump, which is the first step in a wider energy savings project.  For Ding and his team, this means more opportunities to help Leshan Water Company and other water utilities to meet their energy savings goals.

“We are hoping to build on this first replacement success and have submitted a proposal for a retrofit of No.3 water works’ intake pumping station”, says Ding. “This project demonstrated that LS series pumps are a flexible and cost effective replacement choice and that Grundfos can be a trusted partner in solving challenges.”


Grundfos helped Leshan Water Company to improve service and efficiency with cost effective pump solution.


Leshan City, China


Leshan Water Company


The new pump uses 17% less energy than the old pump, improving the efficiency of the pump station.



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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