Domestic Pumping Stations in Finland using AUTOADAPT



In Kuusjoki and Perniö, Finland, the company Kotalato, Tiskarla ja Lupaja Vesiosuuskunta, a wastewater cooperative, was given the task of transporting domestic wastewater from private housing estates to the municipal waste water network. Finally the wastewater ends up in the municipal wastewater treatment plant, and is treated in accordance with government regulations.

Grundfos was chosen for this task, because the company, as a full-line supplier, could provide all the pumps and the tanks needed to fulfil the task. Kotalato, Tiskarla ja Lupaja Vesiosuuskunta will be operating with Grundfos’ innovative and reliable wastewater solutions.

The situation – new regulations for treatment of domestic wastewater

Higher requirements for the purification levels of domestic wastewater mean that private households outside the municipal wastewater network need to find new solutions for how they treat their wastewater.

In Kuuskoski and Perniö, the private households agreed that the best solution for them is to build a wastewater network and therefore they established the Kotalato, Tiskarla ja Lupaja Vesiosuuskunta wastewater cooperative.

The Grundfos solution

To fulfil the task of transporting the wastewater, the cooperative needed 446 domestic pumping stations and 36 network pumping stations that had to work together in an efficient and reliable way.

Grundfos will supply a total of 446 domestic pumping stations, each consisting of a SEG AUTOADAPT wastewater pump (in a range of different sizes) placed in a standard fibreglass tank of 1000 mm circumference and 2500 mm high. Each station includes a control box equipped with plug socket for the SEG AUTOADAPT pump to enable easy reading of runtime information from the pump.

The 36 Network pumping stations each include two SEG 3.1- 4 kW pumps, placed in fibreglass tanks of 1400 mm circumference and 3000 mm high. Each station is equipped with an Elsa-M level control for the two SEG pumps.

The domestic pumping stations will be installed for each housing estate owned by the members of the wastewater cooperative. The wastewater from each house is pumped via the domestic pumping station to the network pumping station, from where the wastewater is pumped to the municipal wastewater network.

Grundfos is delivering a standard package, which has proved to be the right solution due to the technical suitability of the products and the understanding Grundfos has for the needs of the customer. Grundfos met the needs of the customer in every respect.

The outcome

At present, 60 SEG AUTOADAPT wastewater pumps and tanks have been delivered, with the remaining domestic and network pumping stations under construction. Using the SEG AUTOADAPT wastewater pump resolves issues by making the operation of domestic pumping stations easier, for example by removing the extra hassle of external level control devices that add complexity and often cause problems for the customer.

“Projects of this kind are important, because the concerns today are greater than simply pumping wastewater. Increasing complexity and integration in installations and of course environmental concerns mean that the customer has far greater focus on costs, reliability and impact than previously. We are proud we could resolve these issues together with Kotalato, Tiskarla and Lupaja Cooperative”, says Ari Kuhalampi, Sales Manager, Grundfos Finland.

“The SEG AUTOADAPT wastewater pumps and the domestic and network pumping station solutions supplied by Grundfos are perfect for this project. Grundfos helped us find effective solutions to the issues we face with housing estates and local regulation. We are extremely satisfied with the solution Grundfos has supplied and we look forward to working together on future projects with our wastewater infrastructure,” says Timo Korpinen, Managing Director, Kotalato, Tiskarla ja Lupaja Vesiosuuskunta.

Read more about the AUTOADAPT solution here


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Kuusjoki and Perniö, Finland


Kotalato, Tiskarla ja Lupaja Vesiosuuskunta

Fiberglas tank
The fiberglas tank used in the 446 domestic pumping stations and the 36 network pumping stations. Read more about the fiberglas tank here.
Installation of fiberglass tank in Kuusjoki and Perniö in Finland
Installation of fiberglass tank in Kuusjoki and Perniö in Finland
Installation of fibreglass tank in Kuusjoki and Perniö in Finland


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.