For Nanchong Kangyuan water works and its 100,000 customers, reliable pumps and installation support are key



The situation

As the second largest city in China’s Sichuan Province, Nanchong City is undergoing steady urbanisation and its growing population is placing greater demands on water utilities.

One of these water utilities, The Nanchong Kangyuan Water Company, serves 900,000 residents through a network of three water works. To improve efficiency and meet growing customer demand, the company is replacing its Gaoping water works with a new facility- the No.5 water works. This replacement will expand its water treatment capacity and service from 60,000 people to 100,000.

Grundfos won the bid to supply pumps to the new No.5 water works from the main contractor, Shunde Keli Co. Ltd (KELI). KELI already had a construction drawing based on a pump from a local supplier; however, the Grundfos sales team were able to offer a better quality, reasonably priced solution that achieves greater efficiency and savings.

The solution

KELI and Grundfos installed seven sets of Grundfos LS pumps: three LS500350-702A, SIEMENS 10KV/250Kw/6P for the distribution pumping station, and four LS350-250-630B, SIEMENS 380V/160Kw/6P for the raw water intake pumping station located near the Jialing River. The pumps offer reliable operation and reduce maintenance costs and noise levels at the water works.

Grundfos worked closely with KELI and Nanchong Kangyuan Water Company throughout the installation process. To ensure the pumps operate to their best of their ability, Grundfos service staff applied a more rigorous standard than outlined in the LS Installation and Operation manual to adjust the pumps concentricity- using concentricity of 5 degrees, compared to the 13 degrees outlined in the manual. This meant spending several days on site, allowing the service team to make sure the pumps operated in good condition and with low noise levels.

The outcome

It is this commitment to seeing the project through from the planning stages, to installation, to follow-up servicing that KELI and Nanchong Kangyuan Water Company, are most impressed with.

“When we selected Grundfos for this job, we knew the pumps would be of the highest quality, but what we appreciated most was the service team’s professionalism and diligence in the installation and set-up of the new pumps,” says Mr.Tang of KELI. “This contributed to the success of the project and our customer’s satisfaction with the new water works.”


Grundfos supplied Nanchong Kangyuan Water Company with reliable pumps and installation support.


Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, China


The Nanchong Kangyuan Water Company


The new pumping station serves a network of 100,000 people.



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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