Fresh water from SQFlex in KwaZulu Natal



1,800 people recently had their every day lives turned upside down in the Abantunga Community, 45 km to the north of Durban, South Africa. Located in the South African province of KwaZulu Natal, the Abantunga Community has recently undergone a number of improvements.

The project involved the building of a primary school, an adult skills training centre, the provision of electricity and running water. Driven by Mr. Sidney Gcabashe, and funded by both local and foreign aid agencies, the upgrade project has had a large impact on the daily lives of the residents.

The Situation

A reliable supply of water is a basic human necessity. It is especially essential for the well being and upliftment of persons in areas that are not serviced by clean piped water. The residents of Abantunga Community often had to walk in vain to fetch water. They depended on a pump powered by electricity and the local electricity supply often failed. Furthermore, electricity is very expensive, making it a luxury.

The Grundfos Solution

A new borehole was drilled, and a Grundfos SQFlex Solar pump lifts water from 74 m below the ground. The system covers the water needs of the community from public standpipes, the school for drinking and ablution, and the training centre for its needs.The AISI 304 stainless steel used in the SQFlex Solar pump offers a lifetime of solid performance, with a minimum of service or breakdowns. The eight Grundfos GF 43 solar modules have been placed inside the protected fenced property of Dr. Gcabashe to protect them from thieves. From here, an underground cable feeds the SQFlex pump, which is some distance away in commonage. Ground water is pumped into two large 4,000-litre tanks. From the tanks, which are placed 500 m apart, people may tap as much fresh water as they may need.

The Outcome

The success of this system is unquestionable. Renewable energy pumping equipment will eventually be commonplace in South Africa, as it is in many parts of world. This is the system of the future. One of the water tanks is placed at the local school, which has eight classrooms for its approx. 300 pupils. Not only may water be fetched there – but it is also brought to use at the school where for instance low-usage toilets and sinks have been installed.


SQFlex gives fresh water to KwaZulu Natal


KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


Abantunga Community



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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